Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Don't you just love going inspiration shopping. I admit I did buy a couple of things though. One was a wee shrug to go over my dress on cooler summer nights, and another was a summer top, it looked nice on, was nice fabric and gave in and bought it, after an argument with myself.

But while I was there, I saw this skirt it just shouted out to me

gorgeous right? So it should be for $80.

And then I saw this fabulous tunic, cowl neck, funky print and looked fab on, gorgeous once again, so it should for $65!

So I decided to go to the sewing store to check out patterns for a cowl similar as I've got the perfect fabric for it.
What did I find instead? The fabric from the skirt!!!!! I could've jumped for joy - but instead I bought the fabric and an invisible zip!!! It was the first time that I've ever found fabric from a fashion garment, in our wee sewing store, so I was pretty excited.

 This top called out to me too. $100 it could stay on the damn rack!
It was pretty cool though, had a matching skirt. I wish I'd paid more attention to how it was made. By the looks of it, each of these wee white tulle like strips was sewn into a seam, one by one. As it moved, the tulle kind of floated about giving peaks to the black, it was so pretty.

I couldn't really find a cowl pattern suitable for the top at the store, I did get talking to a lady though, she was so cool, I wish I'd asked for her number or something now!
There's a free pattern over at Burda for a cowl neck top, only in size 36, but I'm sure I can add on where it needs it, since it's a simple pattern.

So there we have it, now I'm off to have lunch since it's almost 4pm! It's been a fairly busy day, and slightly emotional too. I had to meet the lady who is renting my late grandmas house, let her in and show her round. At least she loves the place and will look after it well. Just a funny feeling.

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  1. Emma,

    I *LOVE* that skirt! You were so lucky to find the same fabric!! Cannot wait to see the finished garment!