Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year all

So another year is upon us. 28 sleeps until I'm 24 *gulp*

My lovely Christmas dress was fab on the day. Until - after playing on the newly acquired "Wii", I sat down.
You know that feeling when you just freeze, not sure whether you're about to burst into tears, or hysterical laughter? It was hysterical laughter! The CB seam had ripped/popped apart where the fabric had frayed due to me not overlocking.

I'll fix it at some stage and get photos, but for now, I'm sure you're all rather pleased not to have me post photos ;o)

Today is a day full of energy, I need to make the most of it, it seems to be happening less and less lately with my fibro.
So I might get some sewing done! Unsure what to make, but that's the joys of being a sewist!

Oh and you kiwis - spotlight has 1/2 price patterns until the 16th, including Vogue patterns! So it makes them around $15! Now is time to buy Vogues. I'm going to get a girlfriend to get me a couple since Spotlight is sorely lacking in this town!