Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The LBD is here...

Well I'm not ultra happy after seeing these pics. There seems to be bunching from the hip area down in some pics? I think it's the way my hands are pushing on the fabric though, it doesn't seem to be there in pictures that I'm not!

So here we go!
I've cropped my face out of most of them, I seem to be making the most hideous faces today! I've also cropped out my lovely bruised arms! Especially from the back view, that was a real goodie! LOL

These are the more "evening" shots. Nice necklace, clutch purse(made by yours truly of course!) and my stunningly fabulous modge podged shoes!

From here are the more day time shots. More comfy shoes, carrybag (for while out shopping with a girlfriend of course!), flower to jazz it up a bit and a woollen cardi.

A couple of retaken pictures, eliminates the bunching at the front.

Now the rear shot.

And finally a terrible shot of the dress on a coat hanger. I'll get one of it lying flat on the ground I think for the PR review.


  1. Hmm...there is some weirdness going on at the hips, eh? Maybe some pressing would solve it? (I'm becoming a great believer in the Power of the Iron) But otherwise, this is absolutely lovely. I love the colour and the fit and the neckline is gorgeous! I love the daytime look, and really, add your gorgeous shoes and nicer jewelry and it's a great (and probably warmer) evening look too. You did a fantastic job, the dress looks rockin' on ya! :)

  2. Thanks Heather. I think it's just the way I had my hands, pushing the fabric in towards my CF so it was slightly bunching.
    I think it's great other than that!
    Just got my Simon Henry LBD book in the mail, I can't wait to make another.

  3. You are absolutely fabulous. I am making you a member of my own personal BBD club. What is BBD you might ask? Big Beautiful Diva!

  4. This is absolutely a great dress for us larger gals as you so beautifully demonstrate. There is just nothing I can say about your dress but WOW< However, I would adore seeing a heavier or brighter or more bling type necklace on. I've found that teensy necklaces rarely work on us gals. I'm thinking Red or Turquoise or maybe a combo of the two....what do you think?

  5. Thanks KMQ! Sounds good to me haha!
    And West Coast Boomer, totally understand what you mean. I don't actually have much choice necklace wise, it's all generally, black, silver and dainty.
    The one in these photos was a gift from my sister, I just thought it was so pretty. lol.
    Might have a look around and see what I can find, purple would look lovely with it too I think!

  6. Before I commented I was wondering If my comment would come across as rude but I'm just going to say it. I don't see many bigger girls wearing dresses that fit and flatter them properly, even when they get them made, this looks so GREAT on you, especially the neckline. Kudos

  7. You did a wonderful job with this dress! Pattern, shape, style, fabric choice...they have all come together beautifully. I'm clapping you did such a great job!

  8. Thank you SO much ladies..

    Niki, I agree, I have never had a LBD for the simple fact I'm not little, and I just wasn't sure how I could ever wear one.
    But this dress is just so perfect for me.
    I'm going to throw it on today as my day wear, that's the beauty of it, it can be casual!