Monday, September 6, 2010

6 days in!

Phhhooarrr, what a hot on here today. Almost at 20degrees, the warmest we've had in a very long time!
It's been a long few days here. We finally had the garage sale to rid my late grandmas house of all the extra stuff, what a biggie that was. Then helped my mother and aunty clear the house totally, and today cleaned it top to bottom. I'm in agony pain wise now, hate to think how bad I'm going to be when these painkillers wear off.

Thanks for the emails and comments about whether I am doing ok in the earthquake. It was a biggie but centered a few hours drive away from here, so no damage here thankfully. It did wake me up though.
It was centered basically right under my aunty and uncles place, amazingly it's standing with no damage, a bit bizarre really when other places on farms next door have lost chimneys or more.
No one was hurt, and the prized family hand painted china SOMEHOW managed to stay perched on the wall unit. Wonders never cease.

6 days in to SSS, and I'm loving it. Have worn an item or two every day, whether it's been jeans, underwear, coats etc. Hope to get some sewing done this week, even if its just something small.

So once again, thanks for the concern re the earthquake, we are all fine :)
I'm off to go and wash the oven cleaner, wall cleaner and all the other yuckky chemicals off me! lol


  1. Oh man, I was thinking of everyone over there after the earthquake. Glad to hear you and yours (and your family china!) are alright.

  2. Glad to hear you are ok! Just saw your thread on TM about the vellum inserts, I would love some if you have any left! Good to hear that the prized family china is all ok! Have a great week xx