Friday, October 29, 2010

Sewing related - but totally not!

So we all know those of us with small sewing spaces will spread out everywhere.. (surely it can't be just me lol)
And often will have to clear off the dining table, set up a heavy trestle table, or the worst of all lay our fabric out on the floor, when we go to cut out our patterns. I find it so difficult and painful, so usually get someone to help me lift a trestle table up, but it's never quite high enough.

I've seen those wonderful leafed Horn sewing cabinets, but almost $1000 here to buy one. Never in my life.

So the next best thing - Ana White (previously Knock Off Wood) has created a woodworking pattern and instructions for making a drop leaf table!

She has made it 30" high. Which just isn't quite hgih enough to use for a cutting table in my opinion, so I will be making mine at 37" high. (instead of cutting it 26 3/4", I'll be cutting it at 31" to accommodate my new height, the thickness of the MDF and the height of the wheels)

Isn't it just fabulous!
I'm debating on including the middle shelf divider. No machines will be stored in there, so what I'm thinking is not including the shelf but putting a small draw in there instead at some stage in the future.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3/4 jeans - talk about happy!

I am so in love with these. Can't wait to make another pair or 3. LOL.
Only thing is that wee pull on the zipper cover - if anyone can tell me how to remedy that happening, I'd be very grateful!!!

Originally I was going to cut the jeans to have a a 68cm length from lower waistband, but accidentally cut them 65cm, you should've heard the language when I realised! But actually I'm pleased now, and will use that 65cm length again, it's a good length on me. I'd just been sitting down so you can see the slight creases in the mid hip region.

 Man I have a funny shaped bum! LOL.
I was hitching them up a bit while the photo snapped. woops.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A sneak peek!

Well it took a while - 2 weeks, but the 3/4 jeans are finally done.. Am yet to get a picture of them on my body, but they fit so well and are so comfy. That Burda 7738 jean pattern is definitely my fave.

So here is a photo of the top of them. Don't they look wonderful! Made from a crosshatch denim, so have a great grain to them.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cowls are IN!

Cowl neck seems to be so in this season, and are everywhere I look. So of course I had to have one similar to the one in my post below..
With the use of Burda 7519 - I sort of fiddled here and there to get what I wanted. I'll also be using the free Cowl neck with lower band made by Hot Patterns available from to make another at some stage.
I gathered the shoulders, and also the lower side seams to give it that slightly gathered look, and I love it, plus get loads of compliments on it.
I added 2" onto the center front, as I was worried it would be too tight - but now the cowl is huge and if I wear it without a top underneath, I'm more than flaunting it!

The fabric would have to be my favourite. It took me a long time (MONTHS) to figure out what it said. It wasn't until I draped it on myself in front of the mirror one day that I figured it out. Here is a photo of me standing in the mirror.

I bought it while on my Auckland trip, from Arthur Toyes - if anyone sees any more there, I'd love a metre or 2 to make some togs!!!!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Voting is open!

Woohooo - Voting on the LBD contest is open. There are such wonderful entries, I'm sure people are having a hard time to pick just the one! Mosey on over and don't forget to vote if you are a PR member :)

I picked up the overlocker the other day, it's fab! Haven't had a good chance to use it yet though. I'm getting shocking headaches if I do much sewing, or anything that requires any focus - even peeling potatoes, good excuse to get off dinner duty - except there's only me! lol
Will be off to the doctor this morning, am wondering if it is possibly my eyes, but just want to get it totally checked as they have been constant since I got my migraine.. Will see how that goes and hope that I can soon get cracking on the machine! I managed to get some 3/4 jeans cut Saturday, and the pockets attached yesterday, at this rate I should be done by summer ;o)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Quiet on the sewing front!

Wow I haven't posted in AGES!
The skirt was made - beautifully. And doesn't fit. so it's going to the wardrobe until it does.
The top worked out beautifully, havent managed to get pictures of it yet.
And ended up making a top similar to it yesterday, will try and get pictures tomorrow.

Has been very quiet around here since everyone left overseas - although there has been some Drama.. My mother had a bike accident in Cambodia, and she crushed the ball of her left Humerus, and broke her right wrist. Thank goodness for medical insurance, they flew her out to Bangkok for treatment and she was operated on last night. As long as she stays in Bangkok for 2 weeks, she will be allowed to go back to Cambodia to continue their holiday.

Now for some exciting news!
The other day I discovered a Babylock Imagine overlocker on Trademe. Starting bid of $85! Eeekk. My dream machine, that retails for around $2000 new. I hung out until last night when it was ending, and after a fierce bidding war, I came out on top! Woohooo. Had discussed with the famdamily when I first spotted it, about them buying it for birthday/xmas present, as they'd all been stuck on what to get me, so it works out perfectly.
$395 in the end! What an absolute bargain! I'm chuffed to bits.
I have to go to pick it up this week, but haven't heard from the seller yet - I'm so impatient!