Saturday, September 10, 2011

A sort of sewing day!

It did involve being on the machine. There's little sewing going on here due to all fabric being packed up, so the blog will be quiet over the next few weeks. (4 more days until auction day. eeekk. hopefully the house sells at auction, otherwise the offer on the house my parents are buying, will have to be extended. Stress!!!)

I've been wanting for quite a while, an upholstered headboard, made by yours truly.
Found lots of cool ideas around google and and today, I got it done.

The fabric is a chocolate fake leathery feel fabric, that I topstitched 4 lines on, in a cream topstitching thread. I bought several metres on my trip away last year.
(in the picture, there's a bit of a bugger up on one of the lines. I'll just flip the headboard upside down when I attach it for real, it was only placed there to get a picture and idea of height etc)

I started off with a sheet of MDF, and bought a cheap foam bed topper. Cut the MDF to the size I wanted, then the foam to the same size, and attached with a glue.
Then flipped it over, on top of some cheap polyester batting, where I wrapped this right around the edges and stapled. This was FUN!!! I used a staple gun - gotta get me one of those!!!
Then I divided the board into 3 sections, and marked a straight line on my fabric(with sticky tape!!!), to correspondence with the measurements. I then topstitched 1cm each side of the line.
From here, I lay the foam and batting covered board on the fabric, wrapped it around so all the lines were in the right spot, and stapled to my hearts content. The stapling was the fun part, I had a blast!

I'll eventually hang it up at the new house with a wall cleat (and most likely change the fabric, to match the new curtains that'll be going up.) but for now, I'll attach a couple of boards so I can stand the board up behind my bed.

Must admit, I am actually really pleased with how it turned out. For a first time, I expected a lot of pulls and puckers, so was surprised it came out so well.
A nice quick easy weekend project. (literally only took a couple of hours, and that included me having lunch LOL)

Friday, September 2, 2011

I have no travel sewing kit!

It just dawned upon me - while browsing (my new addiction!) that I do not have a travel sewing kit at all. Even people I know who do not sew, have little sewing kits with needle, threads, scissors etc.

Now it means I'm going to need to of course make myself a wee pack up to have either in my car, or in my handbag, for those times when I just need to stitch a button on, or find a stray thread (though this may be slightly awkward standing in a queue and clipping a stray thread on someone in front of me. haha)

Has anyone found a really good kit to buy, I don't just want one of those cheap ones for a couple of dollars. You get what you pay for, scissors that don't cut, thread that doesn't thread, needles that are blunt etc!
Or am I going to need to start collecting bits and bobs to make my own!

Ideas welcome!
No more updates on the house front - another 2 weeks until we know for sure. Can't come soon enough. 7 weeks of waiting is a long long time! Then another 6 weeks until possession - there's a lot of packing to be done.
The fabric closet is now fully packed though.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!