Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Loot from overseas!

Crikey what a couple of days. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
My sister rang me on the 23rd in the morning to say she was getting a divorce, and wouldn't be coming down for Christmas. *sigh* I spent the whole day worrying, as you can imagine. She rang a couple of times to see what time mum was getting in, I thought she was going to go meet them at the International airport before they got the domestic down home.
You can only imagine my surprise when I pull into the airport carpark, and walk up to the terminal to see my sister, nephew and her husband all standing there waiting for me! I screamed! The divorce was a ruse to put me off the scent. I was pretty angry, but just so speechless they'd arrived.
So we went inside and waited for the famdamily to arrive, who were just thrilled to bits and so excited to see her there as well.

Meant there was a lovely family christmas, and we got to share my nephews first Christmas.

Now, the 150kg of luggage later, here's the sewing goodies, thread and buttons etc only. The fabric is nothing exciting, 10m of interfacing etc.
But the accessories!

One bag of jean rivets

Zips, rivets, invisible zips, jean buttons, domes

D&G Buttons! Most probably fake, but who knows! lol
She said there were packs of thousands, and she only got a few!

Dior Jean Buttons

 Levi's Zips

 A few of the thread cones. I don't imagine running out anytime soon.
More keep appearing from suitcases as they are unpacked.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas all

Sorry you guys, still no photo of the dress as I haven't thrown it on since, it's all ironed and took such a long time, crinkles at the slightest touch, so I don't want to have to iron it all over again LOL!!!! Will do xmas day pics.

I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, as I am going to be extremely busy over the next few days, (aren't we all!).
The famdamily arrive home in 5hours time, with close to  110kg of luggage. Including a lot of sewing bits, can't wait to get photos of it all!

Thank you all for following my blog, and your comments throughout the last 6 or so months! I love reading the comments, and have made some wonderful friends .
I've really enjoyed blogging my sewing, and seen it progress throughout the year. If someone had told me this time last year, I'd be making my own jeans, sewing my own winter coats, and have a wardrobe compromising completely of home made garments, I would've looked at them like they were nuts.

So a Merry Christmas to you and yours. May it be safe and filled with lots of laughs, and lots of love.
For us, it includes a lot of sun! You guys in the cold part of the world are jealous right? 30deg C days. Days by the pool. Love it. Although I must confess, I'd love to have a White Christmas one year. 

I'm personally glad to see the back of this year, and am hoping 2011 will be better.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Can't wait 'til Christmas..

2 weeks today until that big fat fella comes down our chimneys and leaves us all presents..I love Christmas, it really doesn't feel like it though, normally I'm so in the spirit! Maybe when I pick up the tree next weekend it'll make it feel a bit more Christmas like.
Not even the smell of Christmas lilies are giving me that feel.

So yesterday and today I whipped up my christmas day dress.
It'll be perfect for summer, and hopefully it'll be nice weather on Xmas day..
Really made the pattern up myself, took a basic style, and added in the neckline pleats. The back has an exposed zip, with shiny silver plastic teeth and also has pleats on the back neckline too..

I nipped it in a bit more at the waist to give it a bit more shape, but I'm happy with it, it's so comfy, and it looks awesome with a belt too!

I hadn't done my hair in this pic, I got sewing and didn't want to stop!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hi all.. christmas is creeping in

Only 15 days until Christmas would you believe! 13 days until my parents are scheduled to come home, but my mother isn't doing too well with her arm so may be home early.

I've been on a go slow with sewing, but I did manage to get a pair of jeans made the other day, well 3/4s. Same as my other pair, just different colored topstitching and pocket design. I love that pattern.

This weekend is going to be my weekend to make a dress for Christmas day, so look out for that post next week.