Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

Thanks to Heather of Sewing on Pins for nominating me for a beautiful blogger award.

I thought I'd stop my current Bejewelled Blitz addiction on Facebook for a bit to write the 10 things out about myself. Hmm this could be hard. (both writing about myself, AND stopping BB for a bit hehe)

1. I still live at home! Yes folks, thats right. At the age of 23, I still live at home with my darling parents.
I did move out when I was younger, but unfortunately with my health getting worse, having to give up work due to that yada yada yada, I had to move back home. I'm lucky that my mother is as much an avid sewer as myself, and loves having a sewing room that we can both work in, and leave all our stuff there for another day when my body has given up. Although for the next 3 months - I am alone! Just me, and the cat. My parents are off to Cambodia. They leave Tuesday. *grins and thinks of all the sewing bits they can bring home*

2. I've never had many clothes. Yes really! For years, I've only ever had a couple of pairs of pants, and a couple of tops. Now, every morning I get up, look in my wardrobe which is now laden with clothes, and think hmm what am I going to wear today. And every time I think about that, it really excites me.

3. A year ago, I sucked at sewing. I could sew, but the results were less than satisfactory, they were only useful for rags. I never took pride in my work, hated cutting patterns out so cut corners, never followed SA guides, never knew about fitting issues, and lets just say my zipper insertion left a lot to be desired. We won't even discuss the total fissy hits that occurred regularly with each project.
It's amazing how much can change in a year. When I look at what I am able to create now, it truly amazes me. Especially when I can now do it with ease.

4. I have a younger brother (17 almost 18, he's also off to Cambodia with my parents) and a sister. My sister isn't a biological sister.
She came to us as an exchange student from China when I was 13, she was 17? She lived with us for 18 months, and really did become one of us. I think of her as my sister, and her gorgeous son as my nephew, what else could they be, they are family even if not by blood.
My brother and I get on like a house on fire - flames everywhere and a lot of breaking glass, needing someone to step in and stop us! LOL. We fight like cat and dog, for that reason, you won't find us in the same room a lot.

5. I've always been a crafty person. At the age of 4 I remember my late grandma (affectionately known as Sugar - not nana, granny etc) teaching me to paint. She was a very talented artist, unfortunately I didn't pick that skill up and the best I can paint, is a wall. It's a block color that requires no design lol.
Just being crafty is so much fun. I thoroughly enjoy machine embroidery. And I also up until recently made Reborn Dolls - not everyones cup of tea, but I got a great deal of joy seeing the transformation.
Sewing has now taken over, so my doll making has been packed away for a bit. I find sewing is a lot easier on my body, and easier to leave in the middle of a project if my health isn't the best.
I think I can pick most crafts up really, I know the basics of knitting, can do a small amount of crochet, know how to do tapestries and the likes, but I choose not to! hehe

6. (hey this is actually quite fun) I have a delightful tabby cat, called Sox. We liken her to a newborn baby. She's very demanding, sleeps a lot of the day, loves her cuddles and has her own routine with every one of us.
I love it when I'm sewing during the day, she will come up and have a wee chat with me. Often she will sit and just watch the machine, especially the embroidery machine. It's like a tv for her I'm sure.

7. I'm a fairly decent cook. Actually you may be able to tell that from the size of me, never trust a skinny cook, right?!
My favourite ingredient to use would be Karata pepper, from Cambodia. It's been likened to be the best in the world, and I put it on and use it in just about everything! What's funny is, I hate pepper! This is divine though, and food doesn't taste the same without it. I still hate normal black pepper though.
I also love to bake, but hate to eat anything I've baked, it gets a bit boring after you've been slaving over a cake mixer and then the oven. My raspberry and white chocolate muffins are pretty scrumptious though!

8. My cell phone is never far from me. It is on the bed beside my pillow each night as it's my alarm, my diary, my newspaper etc and I feel very lost if I don't have it.

9. I went on my first overseas trip last year, to Australia. I loved it and got the travel bug!
My ultimate travel dream is to go to New York, stay in the Garment District, and go shopping. One day it'll happen, bring it on!

10. (can you tell I'm running out of things to say?) I drive a Manual (stick shift) car! My car is my baby, and I had a hard time finding it in manual.
Nothing like changing gears, especially with some of the curly wurly roads we have over here in NZ! (oh yes, some of you may not know, I live in New Zealand!)

So there we have it, I hope you've had fun learning a little bit about me.
The nominations I'm going to have to think about overnight. How about I just say all the ones to the right, on my fave blogs list can be nominated? good? great! LOL

It's the first day of daylight savings here, so while it's 830, really it's only 730. I'm shattered so am not far off bed, after a few addicting games of Bejewelled Blitz ;o)


  1. Great to learn new stuff about ya! My brother and I are just like you and yours haha! I'm closer to my BIL's than my brother! Hope you have a great week xx

  2. Sorry, I'm a little late to the game here. Heh, I like your chosen 10 Things About You, particularly the stick shift thing. :D Nice to learn more about you!