Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've been fiddling.

Well the LBD contest starts tomorrow, and now I'm finally getting over this headache/nausea virus, I thought I better actually make a start on any wee changes I want to make to the dress (the original version from the black sheet lol).

First change - Lower the back neckline.
As it was, it was sitting high up almost even to ear line. I guess that was due to my shortness, but also due to the fact the dress originally was supposed to have the collar.

Second change - Take out the excess in the back shoulders. It was too wide for me, and I seemed to be having a lot of gaping once the neckline was lowered.
I've created a dart about 3cm wide on each side of the CB, and when I cut the dress out, the dart will already be folded out, so there will be no actual dart on the dress itself. It now flows smoothly over my upper back.

Third change - Remove the gaping around the armhole/bust area.
I created a bust dart where the extra fabric was, and once again will be folding this out before it's cut, so there will be no dart on the dress.

Fourth change - I lowered the front neckline, about 3-4cm. Hey - if you've got em, flaunt em baby! LOL.
I am debating on whether I will do the gathered part around the bust now, I really like how it is sitting without it (although I will need to dart out the excess in the tip of the neckline CF now)

I think that is about all the changes I've made, and will need to make. I will add a smidge onto the front armscye, with the 1.5cm taken off it when the lining is attached, it will be just a bit too open for my liking, so will probably add on 1.5cm, so it sits as it is now. (As the lining currently isnt attached)

The waist/hip area I'm still unhappy with. With my podgey tummy, I need the extra room in the front for sitting, BREATHING and all those other things that we just unfortunately have to do lol. But it looks terrible side on. I'm off to see if I can find a suck me in-hold me tight-lift me up-hide the fat thingy this afternoon. Preferably the slip style, so I'm not having to get totally undressed to go to the bathroom! LOL
UPDATE: I found a suck me in hold me tight lift me up hid the fat thingy! Man it's great. It's a singlet, but it's long enough to go right down to mid thigh if I want it too. And it's comfortable. I'm now 100% happy with my dress. Woohoo

Otherwise, I'm good to go!
Watch this space!!!

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  1. So excited to see what you come up with! I wish I could join you guys on this, as I could use a LBD. Oh well, maybe for next years contest. :) Good luck!