Friday, September 3, 2010

Showing my crotch!

So this is once again Mccalls 5651. First Attempt
As I said with the first ones, I wasn't happy with the overall shape, as I prefer them to be more the shape of the front at the back as well if I'm going for that style of cheeky knickers.
I also was most unimpressed with the construction!

With this trial I made 4 the same, and cut size XL. This time I took a total of 8" off all the way around (2 inches at each side front and back). I used the front pattern for both front and back, and love them so much more.
I also changed the construction of them since I hated how they did the crotch construction.
This time I sandwiched the crotch piece between the front and back, so I had a nice seam, and then stitched the sides of each crotch piece under the picot elastic. It's a much neater finish than having zig zag stitching all over the undies in my opinion.

Picot elastic is my total favourite now! I don't even know if I'm attaching it correctly, but it seems to work for me and looks pretty.
For anyone whos never used it, I sew the elastic wrong side to garment right side, with the straight edge of elastic against the edge of the garment. I stitch this on using a 3 step zigzag.
Then I turn the elastic to the inside, and do a 3 step zigzag from the inside(bobbin thread is showing on the right side of garment). I make sure that I pull the fabric taught away from the elastic so there is no fabric covering/hiding the little scalloped edge of the elastic.
 It is double work, I know, but you do seem to get a gorgeous RTW look in the end. Except where you get a wee bit of fabric poking out from under the elastic that you forgot to trim, woops! You'll see that in the crotch picture.


  1. Oh, I love your way of attaching the elastic! I usually just line up the raw edge of the fabric under the elastic (so that the elastic is showing on the outside of the garment) and zig-zag it on. This way is much neater!

    I also sew on the crotch piece the same way you have. It looks much nicer, and that's the way they do it on most RTW panties.

    Good job on these! I love the fabric you chose. :) I need to make myself more of these.

  2. That's what I couldn't understand about the Mccalls instructions, why they had such a messy way of attaching the crotch piece, when it really was nothing like RTW.

    The fabric is SO gorgeous, it was a bargain for just a couple of dollars online and I got 4 pairs out of it, so well and truly worth it.

    If the instructions don't make sense about the elastic Heather, let me know and I'll grab a couple of pictures for you of the steps. It just hides that raw edge and looks so much prettier. I think the same method could be used for other types of elastic as well for knickers!

    Off to get dressed for SSS day 3! lol

  3. Hi,
    This is the first time I visit your blog, actually I discover it by chance. Girl, I love your blog. It is very vibrant and real. I love it. love it Love it. Now I am a follower.
    Any way I invite you to visit my blog, I hope you like it, and maybe you can follow me through my inspirations.
    Marie, and I would love to hear from you.


    -Samya :-)

  4. Hi Samya,

    Thank you so much for your kind comments, it's lovely to hear from you.
    I just popped over to your blog and had a look, what fantastic bags! I love how you do a lot of the embellishments just with machine stitches. It gives them such a lovely edge, they are beautiful.

    Thank you so much once again

  5. Snuzal,
    Haven't seen any posts on PR, hope you weren't affected too badly by the Earthquake. Check in and let us know how you're doing.