Monday, October 11, 2010

Quiet on the sewing front!

Wow I haven't posted in AGES!
The skirt was made - beautifully. And doesn't fit. so it's going to the wardrobe until it does.
The top worked out beautifully, havent managed to get pictures of it yet.
And ended up making a top similar to it yesterday, will try and get pictures tomorrow.

Has been very quiet around here since everyone left overseas - although there has been some Drama.. My mother had a bike accident in Cambodia, and she crushed the ball of her left Humerus, and broke her right wrist. Thank goodness for medical insurance, they flew her out to Bangkok for treatment and she was operated on last night. As long as she stays in Bangkok for 2 weeks, she will be allowed to go back to Cambodia to continue their holiday.

Now for some exciting news!
The other day I discovered a Babylock Imagine overlocker on Trademe. Starting bid of $85! Eeekk. My dream machine, that retails for around $2000 new. I hung out until last night when it was ending, and after a fierce bidding war, I came out on top! Woohooo. Had discussed with the famdamily when I first spotted it, about them buying it for birthday/xmas present, as they'd all been stuck on what to get me, so it works out perfectly.
$395 in the end! What an absolute bargain! I'm chuffed to bits.
I have to go to pick it up this week, but haven't heard from the seller yet - I'm so impatient!


  1. Emma,

    Good to see you posting again! Too bad about your mother! What a bad start to their holiday!

    Hope that you have already been able to pick up yor Babylock overlock...what a bargain you got on it!

  2. OOh, envy! show us a pic of the Babylock when it arrives, that is a great bargain. Hope your mum is ok.

  3. Thanks girls - my mum is doing fine, really, fine. Here in NZ she'd still be lying in a hospital bed not able to move.. Well over there, with new steel bones in parts of her, shes doing everything. Was like Lady Muck lying up in one of the top 10 hospitals in the world - Bumrungrad Bangkok if anyone wants a perv, it's incredible.
    Has almost full mobility, it's pretty amazing. And she isn't coming home! WOOOHOOOOOO!

    I got to have my first real go on the Babylock today, wow what a speed demon that thing is. Fastest one I've ever used that's for sure.
    After I figured out how to thread it, it was a breeze - yes you press a button and it air threads the lower loopers, but you have to engage it first, which of course I didn't read in the manual until after I was past total frustration! LOL.