Saturday, November 27, 2010

Veering off from sewing for a momento

Seems to be coming a bit of a habit this veering away from sewing, I just haven't done much lately, have got a pair of jeans cut out though so I might whip them up tomorrow, it's coming into summer and I need more 3/4s. It's pretty cool that I can get 2 pairs out of 2m, if I find denim on special, it makes for a very economical pair of pants!!

So now to the veering part.
For years, I've had very long, very straight eyelashes. I even used to trim them when I was younger, and have always hated them. Yes it's lovely to have long lashes, but when you have no curl to them, they are a pain and just don't have that pretty look.
I'd read about eyelash perms, and finally treated myself after a long exhausting week. Never have I done something like this, so it was a real treat!
She had a lot of problems, as my lashes are quite thick, I guess it's why even when I've used those lash curlers, they've never stayed curled, no matter what I tried.

Once she'd done it, and I looked in the mirror, the tears welled up. It's absolutely amazing, for the first time in my life, I have curly lashes. And they just look so beautiful, my eyes are so different!!!

Here is the before side on.
Here is the after

My left eye looks ultra gimpy there. Strange lol.

But the difference in the lashes is amazing. For anyone who's ever considered it, do it!!! Totally painless, and only took 30mins.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ribbon Tree Centerpiece.

How great are these.
I love the one with the ribbon/tule wrapped around!
They'll be great centerpieces for Chrissy day - which I'm so looking forward to.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sewing Room - COMPELTED.

Well, after 6 days, a lot of sweat, tears, and copious amounts of pain killers, the room is finished. (pain killers + paint fumes = Happy Emma! lol)

I'm sure you remember the embarrassing before photo. Quite dark, and messy as, give me a couple of days and that will be the same lol.

Now, for the afters. walking in, it seems a lot bigger. Must be because there's no pattern on the walls?
The curtains are shockers, now I look at them against nice crisp walls. But apparently you can get curtains made for a good price over in Cambodia, so may look into getting my parents to send some back home with their friend next week.

And woops, no valance on the bed, that might be a later today job when it gets too hot and I need to go to a shop with aircon ;)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Can't believe I have to do this.. But here we go!

Have just been informed by a family member, a certain person from my past has told them about my mothers accident.
For a few reasons, we didn't tell the family member, as we were waiting until in person when parents were back so they could tell them...
The only way I can figure they found out was through stalking my blog, as I have no communication with them whatsoever.

Yes this is a public page, anyone can see and I have to take responsibility for what is being put on here. HOWEVER, that does not give any person the right to go and speak to my family members about something like that.

So - if you are reading this, and you know damn well who you are.
Leave me alone.. Leave my family alone. And don't try to act like you still know every bit in my life.
In other words - keep ya trap SHUT.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The makeover - it's finally happening!

After dreaming of painting the sewing/spare room for so long, the time has finally come.

The person who's staying here for a while, has gone away for a week, it's the perfect time to do it.
Insane me thought so anyway.
The prep was pure hell. a few years ago, my darling teen brother covered the room with posters (obvious as to why really, the decor wasn't really teen boyish). And when he removed them, every skerrik of blu-tak (poster tack?) was left behind.
After going over the walls many times washing it, and finding new bits each time, I finally cleared them. Then it was time to tape off the kickboards, door surrounds, ceiling etc.
What a nightmare, I won't do this again when friends are busy.

Finally - it was time to paint.


After the first undercoat.
Oil paint. It stinkssssssssssss.

So now you're probably wondering what this has to do with sewing right - I promise you it does..
I need to sew new black pants  - mine are covered in oil paint..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A new me..

Well after all the headaches I had, I thought I'd get my eyes checked.
Turns out I do need glasses - for long distance. Just a small prescription now, but apparently my eyes will get to be progressively worse due to my Fibromyalgia over the years.

The glasses arrived today - wow it's like HD tv. I put them on and everything is so much clearer, and sharper.
Excuse the slobby photos, I have just been bumming around home, and didn't even bother washing my hair today.