Saturday, September 25, 2010

I miss sewing!

It has been a week, and a busy one at that! Have a friend here staying, (in the sewing room! argh) and his toddler comes every couple of days for a night, so it's been a no sewing week, I've missed it like crazy! Lastnight I had a friends 4 week old for the night, scrumptious baby cuddles - there's nothing like them. Even at that age the snuffling snorting at 2am is cute and worth the yawning I'm doing now! LOL.

As of tuesday, I have the house totally to myself, for 3 whole months. Not a single soul around! Woohooo! The sewing area is going to be moved to the living area so I can sit, sew and watch movies! Perfect I think.

But what am I going to sew?
I've got the most gorgeous Karen Walker fabric here, that my sister purchased for me, that I've been wondering what to use it for, it's designer fabric, so needs something funky! So I browse my patterns, then the Burda mags. I've found a great pattern in the 06-2010(*!) of which I cannot find a picture online, so I'll just have to surprise everyone and hope for the best.
It's a skirt, coming into summer I need some more light weight items, so might make a wee wardrobe plan up.

*=So we are coming up to October, the 10th month. Why is it, that we here are only up to Burda 06-2010 that I bought here mid last month! None of the mag shops can tell me when the next one will be out, nor can the sewing place I purchased my latest one. We can't be that far behind the rest of the world, surely!


  1. I hear you on the missing sewing front. :( But at least you'll be sewing up a storm for the next few months! This past week was just for building up the ideas in your head and desire to sew! :D

  2. Hey there! I don't know if you've noticed already or not, but I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. It's optional, of course, so no pressure, but it's pretty fun to do and neat to read. :)

  3. Oh I had no idea, haven't really been keeping an eye on my fave blogs this week with being so busy! Thank you so much. Awesome to read some bits and pieces about you :)