Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top, skirt, and a blog post, all in one week!

A top and a skirt, all in one week, I am on a roll. Of course as promised, here are pics of the skirt on. And a pic of the free Hot Patterns cowl neck top available from Fabric.com for zilch! 
I changed the top a bit, added sleeves that I left "slashed". And it isn't as cowly as I had hoped, more boat neck than anything. But maybe if I'd gone to the next size up(used size 22) then I would've had more cowl.

It'll be my outfit to wear to my first day of work at the fabric store on Saturday! Can't wait!
And check out the gorgeous spring weather. So much for the forecast rain!

 Woops, bra slipping off my shoulder in this picture, giving me a  very peculiar effect.
*note to self. do not wear this bra with this top*

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's been a while! A lot of changes have happened.

Wow, well it's been over a month. Sorry everyone!
I've been away on holiday and having a bit of a "me" time as there's been a lot going on.

First of all,(the big news is at the end, so read on mcduff!) we missed out on the house with the sewing room. *heavy sigh* But one door closes, another opens right?
We move into a different place in 11 days *gulp* there's a lot of work to be done. I'm living around boxes right now.
No sewing room, but an external hobbies room will eventually be built.
Below are a few pictures.. I've coined my bedroom the "Wizard of Oz" room, for obvious reasons.
It's got a huge wardrobe. 3m long(if not a bit more, I haven't done exact measurements) but no wardrobe doors, ridiculous!!!

 Looking east. Master, lounge, kitchen and my bedroom all open out onto this area, going to be great in summer.

 The kitchen.
Wizard of Oz room. aka my room!  
New drapes are being made as I write this (I am NOT making them myself, no way, no how. But I shall make the roman blind myself, I'll rip that one apart as a pattern and use all the existing hardware) 
The walls shall also be painted, oh and the wardrobe, and the door frames, and the skirting, you name it, it's yellow!

Now for the big news..
I went to get a couple of things from a local homewares store(for the new place, of course!) and they are right beside the local fabric and sewing store, you know, my other home. Where I did my drafting etc.
It just so happened there on the window of the sewing store, was a sign for a retail assistant! In I trotted, spoke to the wonderful owners, and after a couple of days, they let me know I had the job!

I am going to be working in a sewing store, around beautiful fabrics. It's only part time, but will work in perfectly right now with everything that's going on, and my health hasn't been the best lately so it wont put too much stress on me.
The ladies in there are wonderful. I can't wait. I have training this coming tuesday, and then start next Saturday. 
Of course, I need something to wear, don't I?
So last week, I couldn't find a pattern I wanted (and let's face it, after learning to do basic drafting, I wasn't going to spend $20 on a pattern that I could make myself). So I took some time out from everything, and drafted a skirt to fit my new measurements. 
It worked. and looks beautiful!

 Skirt laid out (camera died before I got ones on me!)
It's a basic slightly flared skirt. Faced with the same ribbon as the added hem. And a side invisible zip. Will look great with tights and boots while it's still a bit chilly, and good in summer with flats.

Up close of the skirt hem.

So there is my big news post. A lot has happened, and is about to happen. It's been stressful, but I found drafting my skirt a real escape for me. And it was so quick. Only took about an hour! I can't wait to do MORE!