Thursday, December 20, 2012

A bit of fun

There's been a LOT happen in this past few weeks - new job, new house as of 29th December. All I will explain when I have time. But I wanted something cute to go in our new place. This is like a sewing glossary fabric. So awesome!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A sweet apron for a special girl

I got this pattern from Sew Liberated - Free Childs Apron.
It was so quick and easy to put together, even with a gammy hand.

Thsi was made using some fabric from my stash, and some fabric I recently bought from work (the pocket fabric. Seriously, isn't it gorgeous). It's for a friends Miss 4 for Christmas, we are going to make a wee baking set for her. So the apron was the perfect thing to go with it.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The dress for the dinner.

Here's the dress, I cropped my colleagues out of the photo, just because I don't have permission to post them as well.

It turned out really gorgeous and comfortable. I'll be wearing it to a friends wedding in December too.

And the best part is, we came SECOND, in the category we were entered in, which was customer service! We were so absolutely thrilled! First was the only 5 star hotel in our region, so we are all really proud.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A dress almost finished

I did a few wee bits on my dress yesterday. very slowly, getting movement back into my hand, so I'm doing bits and pieces as I can.

All that's left to do now is tack the facing down, hem the bottom and the underarms, as well as the back vent.
I'm not happy with the sleeves though so I am going to slash and spread the sleeve to give me more room for my fat arms lol.

I think the sides may need taking in a wee bit more too.

 See my wee helper? lol

Definitely need more room in the arms, and I may yet wear a jacket or such too as Im not comfortable with my fat arms

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Need some help - how does this pattern work?

Ignore this, I worked it out in the end lol.
I'm perplexed.

This is the shoulder pattern piece

these are the armholes (there's also the back piece that works into the armhole. but there's no markings on that!)

 which way do you think the sleeve goes? Longer piece to the back?

And then problem two.

 to the left, the right front side facing piece.
the longer piece is the left front side facing piece.
Above that is the back facing.
Im absolutely puzzled as to which way the front facing piece attaches onto the back facing.
Very angled, to the back facing, or slight angled to the back facing.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sneak peek

This was the dress pinned together. I really like it! Can't wait to keep going on it

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A bit of sewing to be done

The store I work in on the weekend, is in a local competition for its customer service (obviously can't say much else about it) but we are going to a gala dinner, and need a formal dress.

I've got some stunning fabric

and am using a Lekala pattern, for the first time.
Did you know that you send your measurements when you buy the pattern and they email the pattern through as a PDF to your measurements. And also, only around $3NZD ($2.50ish USD)

I've cut the fabric out now, and have sewn the back princess seams together, but am waiting for the guide sheet to be sent to me as the pattern itself doesn't give much indication on which way things like pleats go etc.
And how to do the neckline.
I'm hoping it turns out well! 

Update. So far so good. I've pinned everything together now, figured the pleats. It looks stunning on. Can't wait to finish it!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's been far too long, and I'm a married woman!

Hi everyone!

Havent been here since February, as everyone knows planning a wedding takes an awful lot of time!
I didn't end up making my dress. There was too much happening and I just didn't have the time to really enjoy it, or take my time with it.
In June I think it was, I ordered my dress from DHGate. The total cost was $212nzd. It was made to fit my measurements. There was a couple of issues though. First one was the shoulders were too high, and kept slipping off. Small issue, which was easily fixed. Second was the hem was uneven. So I had a seamstress take it up to look a bit more "meant to be", especially as my shoes were a feature!

So on the 3rd of August, I said goodbye to my fiance for the last time as an unmarried woman! On the 4th of August, I woke up, and had a text message to go look out the front door. Here was an absolutely gorgeous bunch of flowers - including my favourite. A bird of paradise..

My bridesmaid arrived not long after (this is also a bit of a journal for me writing this.) and we made sure we had everything, I wolfed down breakfast, and off we left to have our makeup done at 8am.
My mother, and MIL came too, and had their makeup done. This in itself was a miracle to get my mother in makeup, let alone full on makeup!

Between the mothers, my bridesmaid and I got our hair up in rollers

Great look right?
The mothers left, my bridesmaid got her hair and makeup done, and then she left to pick up her daughter(flowergirl). It was my turn to get my makeup done. and then the hair. another great look!

Flower girls turn to get her hair done, while us girls got dressed. The photographer arrived just as we were about to get dressed.
Got some great pics of getting into the dress (but as they had my mother and bridesmaid in, I won't be posting them, as I havent got their permission) and then some lovely family photos, and bridal party photos.

Finally it was time to leave to the venue, dad picked us up in his 66 Mustang, and off we went. (me fair shitting myself most of the way LOL. I hadnt been nervous until we got into the car)
Then at the venue, had the ceremony, and then family photos. Then off to get our photos done at a local park.

After that, we came back to the venue for some nibbles, and catching up with everyone. We decided not to have a sit down reception, for a few reasons. So we just had finger food nibbles and it was absolutely divine. All the catering was done by us, and got a few of my mums workmates to help put all the food out.

Then we left, it was off to our hotel to have a lovely meal at the restaurant there, then I promptly fell asleep watching hotel inspector on TV. People don't tell you how exhausting the wedding day can be!!!!!

 From here they are low res photos. (we do have the high res but they are taking so long to load as each photo is like 8mb lol)

 We got this one put on an A2 size canvas on the wall. Looks gorgeous!

Me getting a touch up on my lips :)

So there you have it. lots of photos, and a bit of detail about the day. It was an amazing special day, and I wouldn't change a thing. Not one thing went wrong. It was just wonderful.
I'm now a Mrs! Scary thought! lol

Friday, February 24, 2012

Full toile #1

So this is my first toile, of a burda, butterick and vogue franken pattern.

For a frankenpattern, I am absolutely amazed at how well it all went together. I just had to add a smidgen onto the skirt back, to make it match with the bodice back, otherwise it's straight from the envelopes.

With a petticoat/crinoline underneath, it'll poof out the front a bit.

I've got the bulldog clips for where I need to take out some bulk fabric.
I'll be getting rid of the slight bunching/pouch at the bottom pleat.
For a first go, I'm thrilled to bits!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pattern errors - gotta love em!

Just came across this while cutting out my bodice toile. Made me laugh!

This is actually the side back bodice - but there's an error. They've called it side front skirt panel. LOL

Now for another issue. How on earth do I fix my blog. All of a sudden my logo got a big ugly brown color behind it, and I can't seem to remove it for hte life of me. Any help would be much appreciated!!!!! ♥

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just a metre, or 10!

Thought I better double check today that the length of fabric I'm ordering will be enough before work orders it in for me.

It's when you think I need this amount, times two that it gets a bit scary!!!!!! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Button Porn!

These gorgeous buttons came in at work today, I told one of my colleagues not to even bother putting them on the shelf in a tube, I HAD to have them.

Imagine how beautiful these will look down the back of my wedding dress, sort of that beautiful vintage look. Just perfect. I keep swooning over them.

My darling hubby to be is almost finished making me a light box, for my tracing patterns and transferring markings, how's that for fab! And he's even going to help me make a dress makers mannequin. He's very talented, great at metal work etc. But still this big burly man, wants to help me with things like this. I love him!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Have your say.

I have two styles here. Which do you prefer.

1: Asymmetrical AND horizontal pleats

2. Asymmetrical pleats only
(unpleated side and top of skirt will be trued out to be even)

Cast your vote here!

Friday, February 10, 2012

A womans prerogative...

It's always said, that it's a womans prerogative to change her mind, right?
Well not so much change my mind, but I've finalised my wedding design!

It's a combination of a Vogue skirt front, butterick skirt back, and burda bodice! That's going to be "fun"

Here is a line drawing of all 3 line drawings combined!
I've also come to the conclusion of having white duchess satin for the dress. Looking forward to getting it started!
The button loop elastic has been purchased. I have to find some horsehair braid for the skirt. So excited!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Toile #2 - not too shabby

Toile #1 was an epic fail. I did it straight to size 22 on the pattern, it didn't fit very well at all, too short over my boobs, too narrow across the back, and the V neckline at the back was very low on me.
It wasn't even photo safe!

Toile #2, I did a Broad back adjustment as per Sandra Betzinas instructions in her Fast Fit book. Then I also did a Full Bust Adjustment, once again referring to her brilliant book. I added 5cm I think it was to the height of the back "V", 1cm to the side front side seam equalling 2cm overall.
It's an awful lot better!

The front neckline is too low for my taste, I'll take it up and in a bit. There is once again my usual "princess gaposis" going on, but that's a quick easy fix which I am now well used to!
But the big problem is, the shoulders, they keep slipping off. I'm wondering if it's due to the length between bust point and shoulder seam is too short? Or maybe it's because of how wide the V is in the front.

The back actually fits, and does up now, so mcuh so I can take out about 3cm on each side of the CB, which is good and easy - I have to adjust the back V again, I'm not happy with it still. May be a case of getting someone who's the same size as me to throw it on and I draw the V.

Any suggestions on how to fix the slipping shoulders would be great. The more I look at it, the more I think I don't want to do any major design changes, I love it!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's get it started in here, lets get it started in here...

Go on, join in, you know you want to ;)

Today I pieced together all 86 odd pages to make my base dress pattern. 
I had another change of mind (hey, females are allowed to do that!) and now we have Butterick 5462 on the go!

It's quite a simple pattern, I'll add ruching to it on a slight diagonal on the waist area somewhere - still to be decided. Ohterwise I'll leave the waist as is, and do a beautiful tight gather all over the bust/bodice which will be gorgeous. I also have the PERFECT brooch to put on the back - from my late nana, so that'll be my something old/something borrowed.

It was a LOT of work piecing all the bits together, but it's very satisfying to look at the amazing flared skirt parts to the pattern and think wow I'll be wearing that.

Thsi was one part. *groans*

Now comes the fab part. Testing it out in muslins. adding bits here and there. seeing how it fits.
The wedding isnt until august, but I intend to get the main pattern sorted in advance so I'm not too stressed close to the time of the wedding trying to decide how I want the dress, as well as making it!

Giddy as a child in a candy store - that's me!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Doing it my way!

After going back and forwards back and forwards, looking at patterns etc. I spoke to my boss this morning, during a quiet moment at work, turns out she was a wedding dress maker before she owned the shop. So we went through patterns, had a good old talk, and gave me lots to think about.

I came home deciding to make my own.
Now I've spent the afternoon looking at patterns again, and Burda 8056 jumped out at me.

The shape is what I want, and I think I will add some sort of rouching/detailing to the front. But otherwise it's lovely. I can't wait to get started on it.

There's plenty of time (ish!)
4th August is the day. So the date will read 4-8-12(in the southern hemisphere anyway lol). Rather cool!

And on that note - driving past a car hire place in town, they had this in the window. Cue a "STOP THE CAR" from me and then DO A U TURN!!!
This dress I saw is beautiiiiful!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Need for a wedding dress!!!

Yes that's right, there's a need for a wedding dress.
The best news of all - the wedding dress is for ME!

My darling FIANC√ČE proposed in the most loevly spot yesterday, in the middle of the Molesworth Station which is the largest farm in NZ. I turned around from taking this photo to him down on one knee. 

So now I need a wedding dress. I am seriously considering buying a dress off the likes of or Custom made to my size. And I can always get it altered at work if any alterations are needed.
But there are so many options to choose from.
I haven't been able to find any patterns I really like, that would be what I want in a wedding dress, and right now I don't have a lot of time to sew anyway.

Now we are holidaying in Hanmer Springs NZ until tomorrow. It's bliss, we played mini golf this morning and then spent several hours at the local thermal spring pools. I am now looking a bit of a cross between Snookie and an Oompa Loompa.

If anyone has bought from DH gate or lightinthebox I'd be very interested to hear about your experience.