Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's been far too long, and I'm a married woman!

Hi everyone!

Havent been here since February, as everyone knows planning a wedding takes an awful lot of time!
I didn't end up making my dress. There was too much happening and I just didn't have the time to really enjoy it, or take my time with it.
In June I think it was, I ordered my dress from DHGate. The total cost was $212nzd. It was made to fit my measurements. There was a couple of issues though. First one was the shoulders were too high, and kept slipping off. Small issue, which was easily fixed. Second was the hem was uneven. So I had a seamstress take it up to look a bit more "meant to be", especially as my shoes were a feature!

So on the 3rd of August, I said goodbye to my fiance for the last time as an unmarried woman! On the 4th of August, I woke up, and had a text message to go look out the front door. Here was an absolutely gorgeous bunch of flowers - including my favourite. A bird of paradise..

My bridesmaid arrived not long after (this is also a bit of a journal for me writing this.) and we made sure we had everything, I wolfed down breakfast, and off we left to have our makeup done at 8am.
My mother, and MIL came too, and had their makeup done. This in itself was a miracle to get my mother in makeup, let alone full on makeup!

Between the mothers, my bridesmaid and I got our hair up in rollers

Great look right?
The mothers left, my bridesmaid got her hair and makeup done, and then she left to pick up her daughter(flowergirl). It was my turn to get my makeup done. and then the hair. another great look!

Flower girls turn to get her hair done, while us girls got dressed. The photographer arrived just as we were about to get dressed.
Got some great pics of getting into the dress (but as they had my mother and bridesmaid in, I won't be posting them, as I havent got their permission) and then some lovely family photos, and bridal party photos.

Finally it was time to leave to the venue, dad picked us up in his 66 Mustang, and off we went. (me fair shitting myself most of the way LOL. I hadnt been nervous until we got into the car)
Then at the venue, had the ceremony, and then family photos. Then off to get our photos done at a local park.

After that, we came back to the venue for some nibbles, and catching up with everyone. We decided not to have a sit down reception, for a few reasons. So we just had finger food nibbles and it was absolutely divine. All the catering was done by us, and got a few of my mums workmates to help put all the food out.

Then we left, it was off to our hotel to have a lovely meal at the restaurant there, then I promptly fell asleep watching hotel inspector on TV. People don't tell you how exhausting the wedding day can be!!!!!

 From here they are low res photos. (we do have the high res but they are taking so long to load as each photo is like 8mb lol)

 We got this one put on an A2 size canvas on the wall. Looks gorgeous!

Me getting a touch up on my lips :)

So there you have it. lots of photos, and a bit of detail about the day. It was an amazing special day, and I wouldn't change a thing. Not one thing went wrong. It was just wonderful.
I'm now a Mrs! Scary thought! lol