Friday, March 29, 2013

V8815 on me

I've put so much weight on lately, think it's since I've stopped some of the medication I was previously on, GREAT! Not lol.
At least I can still look nice.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vogue 8815 completed

I've finally finished my top V8815, for the plus size pattern fitting and design class from Craftsy.

I am absolutely in love with it. It fits a bit better on me than on the dummy. (affectionately named "dolly")
The lace was some I bought from work several months ago, and I underlined it with a similar purpley blue.

I used several new techniques on this top!
Underlining was a first, and my darling husband bought me a bias taper maker as a surprise (gotta love that man!) so I cut and made my own bias tape using the underlining fabric. I effectively faced the armholes and neckline with the bias tape, and then stitched that to the underlining so as there is no stitches on the lace.
The hem I overlocked and then hand stitched up, I'd tried the blind hem on the machine but with the lace, and the satin, it was a no go!

The zip caued me several issues, I had to unpick it 3 times. I think I finally got it as close as I will ever get it.

 The underlining.

 The back. The zip does do up fully but I didn't do that on Dolly.

Close up of the fabric. It's so gorgeous

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Plus Size Pattern Fitting & Design - My Alterations

I got my Vogue 8815 in the mail the other day, and today was the first day I got to actually go through the pattern, and make my alterations.

So far so good!
I think I'll change the neckline to be a lower scoop neck as I don't think the jewel neckline will be very flattering on me.

And seriously, never put white carpet in a house, well, cream. It marks at the drop of a hat! Thankfully marks were not from us but the tenants before us. But still, don't put white carpet in a rental!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gotta love this fabric.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some new must have patterns

I just found more patterns I NEED!

Things are really inspiring me to sew at the moment, nice new jackets, blouses, and even a skirt!

Butterick 5891 is an awesome jacket, imagine that in a grey linen. Or lightweight wool. I love the color of this version as well, so am going to keep my eyes open.

I adore this blouse too from Vogue, in the Today's Fit range. I've never made a blouse, so I'm looking forward to giving that one a go. Possibly from a silk. This working every day in a fabric store is a dangerous gig!

The skirt doesn't do much justice on the model, but fellow blogger Communicating With Fabric made up a version that looks absolutely amazing and I really would like to try it after seeing what she did with it. Check out her version here
I also just purchased the circle top from Papercut Patterns. She is a NZ girl (local, originally from where I live) and creates patterns that are "workroom inspired" so they have their own "pattern hook" etc. Shes a great designer so check her out. She also ships worldwide, for FREE!
I thought I might make the circle top in Merino, it only goes up to a size L so I am hoping I can grade it up a bit more to accommodate the chubby arms

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Craftsy Classes - worth it!

I discovered the joys of a few months ago now, and love it.

Last week, they had a $9.99 first class offer, so I signed up for Plus Size Pattern Fitting and Design with Barbara Deckert.
What an amazing class. With the class itself you even get a free Vogue pattern , that alone in NZ is $30 value!


I spent every night lying in bed watching the videos, the pattern hasnt arrived yet, but it's so great seeing how things are done, and I cannot wait to get started on it. My boss made a top out of this same pattern last year and it looks fab. I didn't think this type of pattern would work for plus size, but all the examples I've seen look absolutely great.

And something that some people don't know, and I didn't know until today - is that when you buy classes etc from Craftsy, you get "points" and by filling out parts of your profile you get more points. 10 points gives you another free class (thats like $60nzd value!)
So today, I earned enough points, to get a whole new class.
This time it's Pant Fitting Techniques by Sandra Betzina and once again, you get another free pattern

I've just watched just a couple of the lessons so far on the pant fitting techniques, but just seeing the lines explained in a video makes total sense!

I realise I sound like I'm getting commission lol, but I'm truly not, just thought I'd share it for those who haven't been entirely convinced by the class details etc. I learn a lot by looking at pictures on blogs etc, but seeing them done in a video where you can rewind, ask questions to the tutor herself is just like classroom learning. I love it!