Saturday, September 11, 2010

Not long to go now!

It's not long until the LBD contest starts, and I'm contemplating changing my dress! Really? Am I insane? (Don't answer that guys LOL)
I LOVE the dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffanys, and apparently Simon Henry's Little Black Dress book has instructions for that.

Maybe I'll just do two LBDs! Now there's an idea ;)

The undercoat has been purchased for the sewing room, it has been slightly rearranged, and today the top coat is being purchased. Fantastic. I'm going to have lots to do over the next few months.
I've been laid up with a charming migraine the past 3 days, so have done no sewing at all. The painkillers don't last long, and this last dose has given me nausea, even with anti nausea meds. Ugh.
But I'm still keeping up with SSS! 1-2 items every day. I love it.

If anyone has the Simon Henry LBD book, I'd be interested on hearing the opinion about the Audrey Hepburn dress, before I buy the book.


  1. Have you seen Selfish Seamstress's blog yet? She made herself an Audrey Hepburn dress a few years ago. Actually, I think she won the LBD contest with it, now that I think about it. She drafted it herself and has it up on her webpage for free as a download, but it's only drafted in size 32 petite. Still, you may be able to scale it to your own size.

    Best of luck on this contest! I'm excited to see either or both of your dresses!

  2. I'd actually been looking at that Heather, I think with that pattern, and Simon Henrys book, I could come up with something that would fit.
    I just love the back of the Audrey dress!

  3. The givenchy dress knock off would be a fun project, but your original LBD is so cool and flatters you, why not do that one? I thought of it, too, but decided I'd do a back like that with a completely different dress around it (and in a different color).

  4. I think thats it Steph, the Audrey dress will be a fun project, and the original LBD will be the contest one.

    I'll be altering the front of the SelfishSeamstress dress. The high neck just won't suit me, there's a few wee things I'd like to try, so I might do a hybrid mix! LOL

  5. Ah, I see. It'll be cool to see what you come up with.

  6. That Givenchy dress is timeless, and I am sure you will do a good job. I would love to see the finish project.


    -Samya :-)