Sunday, April 24, 2011

Home Deco Sewing Sucks.

How's that for a positive start to a blog post!

So I got the curtains done, (but not the lining). They looked fab!!! Then came the task of doing the lining. I find that stage very similar to coat making, once I've done the main fabric, I'm sick of it, and just want them to be finished.

I haven't really been in a good headspace this week, and so my darling mother picked up her needle and threat and tacked the lining on. It was originally going to be a detachable lining, but with my tracks, and location of the hooks etc, it would've been too full, and looked rather messy.

So I have 3 up, and they are lovely. The pleats need to set in a bit, I think I'll get them steam pressed properly. But for now, here's a picture. I was very surprised how well the gold print matches with my wall color.  And I'm loving the blackout lining.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Call me crazy!

Because I'm heading there rather quickly!

I've just prewashed 11m of gorgeous fabric to cut curtains! First ever home dec project, it'll be interesting for sure.

Friday involved a jaunt to another town, for Spotlight (a bit like Joanns). I got the curtain fabric, and some lovely cotton sateen drill, so made another pair of Vogue pants. unfortunately after finishing them I ended up in the after hours for a few hours, with a lot of stomach and chest pains. Fibro related apparently.

So I'm yet to get pictures of the Project Nightmare from the other day, and the pants.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The cutest sewing machine - period!

 I came across this earlier on Trademe. Has to be, without a doubt, the cutest sewing machine I've ever seen. It's so teeny tiny!

Today has been a day of sewing. 
  • A day of breaking 5 needles on one project - no, I wasn't sewing over pins.
  • A day of hemming about 4 metres of fabric
  • A day of 6mm seam allowances. Why Kwik Sew has 6mm SAs I'll never know. I couldn't even overlock them, my narrowest overlock stitch was too wide. 
Photos to come tomorrow. When my fingers have recovered from the nightmare of pinning tough fabric.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pattern Drafting - a tad daunting, or not so much.

Well, I'm rather excited in the fact I'm going to be taking a Pattern Drafting course, right here at my local store! No mail order things, I get to see it, in person, woohoo! Just to even learn the absolute basics will be fantastic.
I have 1.5 months to wait though, that's going to seem like forever!

Two nights ago, I was daunted and really pondering my ability to do this. Sure I could work out the sloper etc, but it's what comes next that had me a bit concerned.
Then last night, I did some Googling, and came across a few things.

The first two, are pattern making "rulers". But it's a ruler, where you mark all your points here and there, and just draw in the curves, making your sloper in literally a couple of minutes. No fiddling around with maths here and there etc

Easy Pattern Making - this is cool. And I emailed to ask what size they go up to (plus size by the way. 140cm bust) and she mentioned a friend of hers has just moved to NZ - the South Island even and is starting a Sewing and Pattern Making School. So I've made contact with her to see what area she is going to be in. I'd die if it was mine! LOL.

Maria Martin Designs - The Pattern Drafter - This is along similar lines to the above one. There's some great wee snippets in her Book section too.

The second was Sure-Fit Designs. This has been around since 1982! It's quite amazing, and I love the idea that there are dozens of sizes. Would be wonderful if you were sewing for other family members, or even selling your garments, just input the measurements, and connect them to make the sloper. Then you've got a block for everyone. It's pretty amazing.
I watched a couple of the videos on doing different things to your sloper to change them, and it just started to make total sense in my wee brain!

I'm totally revved up and ready to go, it's 646am, so I must be excited.
I now feel like I am going in with just a small bit of knowledge, whereas I felt like I knew nothing beforehand.

Hurry up "needs" list for my class, so I can get buying on the rulers etc!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Dream Shoes - Wowsers

So check what Erica B just posted on her blog.

I just fell in love 10 times over and have never wanted shoes so much. Wow, wow, wow.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vogue 2064 - wide legged pants

I've been on the look out for decent wide legged pants for ages! In plus size even.

Then I found Vogue 2064 in my stash of all places. who would've thought I had a decent pattern in my stash all along.

Well this would have to be one of the easiest patterns I've made ever. (I seem to be gravitating towards easy quick satisfying patterns lately!)
There are 2 seams, the inner leg seam, and the crotch seam. That's it. No side seams, no adding on waistbands etc.
I used size 22, but with my ridiculous shaped stomach and hips I added on 20cm total (eeeekkk!) to the very top and slowly graduated it back to nil.

The pants have an elastic waist, but I ended up not even having to add the elastic in, they pull on perfectly, and stay on. Fantastic! They whipped up in about 1.5hrs by the time I'd handstitched the hem.

I love them. Nice and comfy, but cool