Sunday, June 27, 2010

My idea of heaven - Fabric Shopping!

Wow wow wow! I had the best day on Friday shopping with a like minded girlfriend (aka Goldgurl!)

She took me to the coolest stores, where I got the coolest bits and bobs.
First off was Davids Emporium! Where I come from, we having nothing of the sort.
So to find a wall full of buttons, I was in heaven. And what did I find, but jeans buttons! How gorgeous are THESE! Sorry the pictures no good, it's just started raining, so lighting leaves a lot to be desired. The jean buttons were 50c each! Fabric was $6/m, it's a stretch satin. And that diamante trim? $5/m

Then we went to a knicknacky you name it store, where I bought a few things, btu nothing of sewing interest so I'll leave that out.

Then was the be all and end all - Designer Textiles. I probably embarrassed goldgurl with my mouth dropping wide open, and the continuous "oh my gawd!".
Merino fabric for $5/metre! Even some fabrics for $1.50/metre. So I stocked up on Merino, and some sweatshirting, and some stretch knits for tops, and denim, oh the denim. Plus a few fabrics for my darling mother too who's back into sewing.
 My mothers, just a soft stretchy polyester or something? Was $1.50/m
 Another polyester knit, it's a mid weight, would be good for a summer hoodie or the likes. Kind of a bluey purple, once again $1.50/m

And then the most devine aubergine merino. This was $15/m, but I saw it and had to have it.

Wednesday I am off to Arthur Toyes, Spotlight (50% off patterns, woohooo!!!)  and then off to try out a new sewing machine.
I discovered the Juki F600. I've been looking for a new machine for a while, ok years, ever since I bought my Bernina Activa. I never tried it before I bought, big mistake, ever since day one, I've hated it, and vowed never to buy a Bernina again!
So looking around for years, there's been the odd few, Janome always been my top choice. But they've never had all the features I wanted. I stumbled across the F600 a few nights ago, and after googling and looking at reviews, all the features I want OR need are on that one machine. It's fabulous! The reviews are glowing, and everyone loves them. I'm really excited to try it out.


  1. I love the new blog layout!

    The jeans buttons are super cute! I just picked up a package of them at our local fabric store, and they're pretty ugly. I wish I could find adorable ones like those!

  2. Thanks Heather, I'm still not 100% happy with it, but I'll get there.

    Im so loving the jeans buttons, ours are always pretty boring here too, or ugly as, so I was SO happy to find some cool ones. I'm going to go buy more when I'm over that way next. for only 50c each, they are worth it

  3. They'll go well with all that denim you've found!