Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An eventful few days - ending with a BANG!

What an eventful few days. Finding out Monday I leave on holiday on Thursday for a couple of weeks. (WEEKS without my machine? Dear oh dear - but on the bright side, there's plenty of fabric stores where I'm going, so I'll have to keep this blog filled with stash additions instead of sewing lol)

I finished my skirt, in the end I didn't use a Simplicity pattern, but a skirt from Buda 01-2010. With a few changes.
I didn't use their waistband, just added a stretch knit version of my own (fab idea, it's comfy! lol)
Didn't add in pockets like the pattern says. And I added 4" on to the CF and CB since the burda size wasn't my size. I ended up taking it in 5 inches, so at least I know that particular burda pattern should fit straight off.
Love how the skirt looks on. With heels, and with boots! Will be fantastic for my "Auckland" wardrobe.
Whoarrrr, check those sexy white legs ;) LOL

I also managed to get a pair of jeans made from stretch denim finished yesterday, so now I've got a good few pairs to take away. This pair is SOOOOOO comfortable, hugs all the right places, I love them.

And today, I thought I'd get my great aunty's sewing machine out, and test it to see if it went, so I could sell it to a girlfriend who's just started sewing. The wee Elna Contessa was left to me when I was 10, almost brand new. It went like a dream, btu when I got more serious about sewing, I upgraded.

So while testing it, it went like a wee ripper as always. Stitched beautifully. The friend and I were sitting there talking about it, when all of a sudden BANG!
Well I just about jumped out of my skin, let out a few words(Bazinga would've been the most appropriate!) and ran outside, carrying said machine which was billowing with smoke!
What a laugh it gave us - afterwards.
I think that machine, is going to go the sewing machine graveyard!

So I'm leaving, on a jet plane... ok not quite, in a Beech 1900D. But that just doesn't sound right when you sing it. ;)


  1. Have a lovely break - your skirt looks fab!

  2. Hey gurl!!! Here you are and here I am LOL - loving ya blog - love the fabric you used for your skirt!! Can't wait to finally meet you next week *wooo hooo!!*

    LMAO @ the lil Contessa going *BANG* that's just how I want to leave this world - with a BANG!! Ooooh to be an Elna Contessa LOL

  3. I can't wait either! It'll be so much fun. Nice and easy place to find here too which is great.
    The contessa gave me such a fright I tell ya lol. May need to look for another machine to replace it, good excuse eh ;)