Thursday, June 3, 2010

Intelligent much?

So I stitch the jeans all lovely (breaking a topstitch needle in the mean time and no one in Blenheim carries top stitch needles, COOL), stitch the side seams, and try them on. Oops, non stretch denim and they don't fit. So I've had to undo them, and restitched, still a bit snug but denim gives.

Now for a few pictures, just how much do I love my new overlocker? Love how it does overlock and straight stitch/chain stitch all at once. No more swapping between machines!

And then a picture of where I sew.. Got enough machines do you think? lol
Ignore the mess around it!


  1. I want to know what all those machines are. And what's that one I can see underneath the desk?? Hmmmm????

  2. To the left, Janome 300e, then a Merrylock overlocker/cs, Bernina 135 activa I think? And a Janome Mylock (my mothers)

    And the ONE? under the desk, try 3 LOL.
    Two Elnas (one was my late grandmas, the other is my late great auntys), one Pfaff, and theres also one other Bernina EM1 embroidery machine that doesnt go.

    My other late grandmas Necchi is still sitting at her place, not sure whos going to get that. eek.

  3. Do you still like your Merrylock? I need an overlocker (and would like a coverstitch!) and was looking at the Merrylock. Is it a hassle switching between overlock and cover stitch?