Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another of my talents - I really am clever.

So I know this is supposed to be a sewing blog, but I just thought I'd give you all a bit of a info of another one of my amazing talents.
I make reborn dolls. Vinyl doll kits that are produced blank, and the end result after me coloring, adding a body, adding hair (by either painting or using a needle to root each hair in individually), is a doll that looks a lot like a real baby. A lot of people find them a bit creepy, and a lot wonder what do people do with them.

Most are collected by doll collectors who have collected different types over the years, and this is just the next progression. Some personally take it a bit over the top and give their dolls birthday parties etc, that is a bit strange to me, they are just dolls afterall. LOL
I don't own a doll myself, have never found a true "keeper". Maybe that'll change when I have kids, and want to keep one for them?

So this is my latest one, I've just put her for sale on Trademe (NZ's version of Ebay).

I've unfortunately had to pull out of the wardrobe contest for a few reasons, but will still be using this blog for all my sewing creations! It won't die a slow and lonely death just yet!


  1. Hi Snuzal, can I thank you so much for saying you like my blog - I am really stoked! I only just started mine too. You have a lovely, easy, cool, blogging style. I had been looking at your blog and the things you make! I just saw your PR wardrobe plan too and saw your message that you are pulling out for the moment. Hope everything is ok. Hope you still go on with the wardrobe when you have a bit more time, you have such nice items there.

  2. No worries Jackie, I love browsing through it, I think because NZ and Aus are so close we seem to go through the same trends at the same time, I can't wait to see the biker jacket you make.

    I'm disappointed in having to pull out of the wardrobe, but am losing a full month really by having to go help a family member out, so there just won't be the time when I get back to complete it all.
    I will need to make a couple more tops before I go through, so that'll be something at least. lol.
    Thanks Jacquie :)

  3. Woops, I apologise, I just saw I spelt your name wrong in my first mention of it in my reply. Sorry! I'm still waking up LOL