Saturday, June 12, 2010

Drab to FAB!

Well after my ugh day yesterday, a couple of girlfriends suggested I keep going on the jacket and see how I feel when it's done - wise girls they are!
When I had the jacket on, it looked drab, dull and just a bit boring.
But I kept going and finished it anyway. The second the collar went on, it changed the whole look, wow!

I did have a couple of issues while finishing it off. I attached the front and back facings, however, they didn't stretch to fit! Ugh. It was a huge mission to cut and stretch and gain every last millimetre to get it to fit, and after a lot of swearing and sweating it was done. (Thanks mum. LOL) I'm not sure why they didn't fit together, error in the pattern, or error in myself? Who knows.

Putting the zip on was interesting - slippery fabric + slippery zip = frustration. I got up and walked away a couple of times. Then thought, hey, why not hand baste it in. (6 months ago I would've told someone where to go if they mentioned hand sewing. Now I love it) It worked perfectly, held it steady enough for me to machine stitch it without any shifting.

Everything else went together well though, and the outcome is a jacket I'm feeling quite content with. I think it'd look lovely in a jacquard fabric. Or even in sweatshirting. A versatile pattern really.
I like it zipped up fully, however for a different look, I unzipped it a bit, and pulled the left front out (Would look awesome if it was a contrasting fabric!) and it just gives it another style.


  1. Oh very sexy! I love it with the zip down slightly,

  2. Look nothing on a coat hanger eh ;)

  3. Love this jacket! It looks so modern and cool. I think you're right, a contrast color on the inside collar would be cool. Maybe IF you were to make again. . . but it's still looks great as is. I'll have to remember the hand sewing thing for tricky parts in the future.