Friday, June 11, 2010

A disheartened day!

Well I finished another pair of non stretch jeans. I know for future reference, I don't like jeans without a bit of stretch, I always thought it would be the opposite really.
These are ok, and only ok. But they are wearable, and that's all that matters really.
I am happy with them really, except for 2 things.

One - the gaposis at the back waistband. I'll put a dart in here, the seam of a dart wont bother me, since I never have waistbands showing anyway. I need to figure out how to adjust the pattern though, so I won't have a dart, it'll just be reshaped.

Secondly, the little bit of bubbling or whatever at the right front, what's up with that? I don't remember that on any other pair of jeans I've made. lol
There is a bit extra fabric in the crotch area too, but ugh, I give up. LOL

I changed this pattern slightly off my "master". I removed 1.5cm off the yoke, and added it onto the pants back, since I found in previous pairs the yoke started too low down my butt. I also took off 2cm from the size of the pockets, they always looked too big.

Now for the second part of my disheartened day!
Ok maybe I'm just having a bad day all round, my fibro is playing up big time, making me grumpy!

So, that biker kind of styled jacket I've been making. I'm all ready to add the facing, hem, collar and then the zip goes on and it's done.
But I'm sitting here looking at the fabric having a "what was I thinking!" moment.
Opinions please? Boy don't I look a happy chappy today! haha

So do I continue on making this jacket? It may look kinda cool when it's done, I just don't know. Would look heaps better if it was black, I wonder how it'd take some dye. Hmm

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  1. Is the zip going to be black? I think the zip will make a difference to how it looks. I think it is well worth finishing after all the work you have put in.