Friday, June 4, 2010

Jeans mark one

Right, so here's my first pair of jeans for the contest, using Mccalls 5894. Made from non stretch, and I should've done the side seams around the hips a bit bigger, as it's a bit tight. But denim gives right?
So here they are.

Back pockets with free motion design.

My fabulous flat front fly. Fabulous instructions for this by Sandra Betzina.

The lovely overlocker job.

My funky wee label I printed for myself.

Ignore the not done hair!

The front view... the horizontal lines across the front are a very obvious sign of being too tight.
Notice the tippy toes 'cause I'm so short?! lol oh and the mis matched socks. Today is a slouch day, if you hadn't already guessed!


  1. Are they a little long in the front crotch too? That would also contribute to the lines in the front. There just seems to be a little extra fabric "down there" LOL

  2. Not too sure, same pattern as the others I've made and they are all fine in the crotch area, may just have been how I'd pulled them down being so tight in the hip/pelvis area lol

  3. Where did you get your awesome little tags? Seems like the wrinkles point to the inner thigh area..? I don't make pants much but I can read wrinkles... They usually point right to the place that needs help.

  4. Hmmm.... I did a FBA sort of slash and spread for a coat back to fit over my butt properly... I wonder if a similar thing would work for you? (Though obbviously not on a pair of jeans already made... Great stitch work...

  5. The tags I made myself, with some printable fabric. I just printed them, cut them, folded in half and then stitched them under the waistband. Really easy!

    The jeans fit really well in stretch denim, so I think it's just the normal didn't go up a size in non stretch.

  6. Love the topstitching and pocket detailing!