Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"The Nightmare on Emma"

I came across this fab top in the 06-2010 issue of Burda.
Can't find the line drawing - but here is the picture from the magazine.
It's an off the shoulder, elasticised at the neckline, wrist and also at the waist.

I had a lovely coffee cream fabric with some dark brown flowers on it. It's a slight stretch satin. Looks fabulous in that style!

Right from the start I should've known it'd be a nightmare top. First of all, the simple instructions confused me. No problem, I got past that! Then I thread the elastic through the neckline casing - enter the "nightmare on Emma". The top is too short for a start. But it doesn't matter how much elastic I put in the neckline casing, there is no way that the top is going to stay off my shoulders! And if I dare move my arms from my side, peowwww, up it goes to my neck! EEK! But now there is an ungathered part of the neckline, that I just cannot seem to get it to gather up.
I've put it aside gently thrown the stupid top down and will be looking at it another day.

I'll have to just have it as a more wide neck top than off the shoulder. And I won't be adding elastic into the waistline either, it doesn't need it.

whinge whinge moan over!

It looks fabulous with my skirt though, so when it's finally done it'll be just perfect and light for summer!
I came across the most wonderful pair of shoes in this color earlier, they are hideous (well for my wardrobe anyway). But the style is gorgeous. So I shall be doing a wee something with them, all will be revealed in good time ;)


  1. ARGH I hate when that happens! But it sounds like you'll be able to salvage it. At least you didn't completely bugger it up and lost some fabric that you liked.

    I love shoes in colours like that, but yeah, it wouldn't go with anything in my wardrobe either. Have fun doing your wee something to them. (weeing? maybe not so much, eh? :D)

  2. It was the color that originally attracted me to them, but given most of my wardrobe is grey/black it just wouldn't work at all. Looks hilarious when I try them on with my jeans lol. But they will be fab when I'm finished.

    and you're right, at least the top is salvageable, But arrggh did it frustrate me this morning! I would be quite happy to never see it again ;) lol

  3. What about sewing in some of the silicone elastic that has a grip factor? It may cling to skin better than regular elastic and not be prone to shifting so much. Just a thought.

  4. I'd have to sew it outside the casing though, I just like how clean it looks now. On the bright side, the elastic for the neck is now done and completed. Thinking about it now anyway, I do prefer it more on the shoulders, so my bra straps arent as visible as they were with the ties!

    Since it's such a short top, I think I'll do a rolled hem on the overlocker, so I don't lose a lot of length from it by hemming.

    Feeling a lot better about it after a wee break. Thank goodness haha.