Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everyone needs a LBD.

With the Little Black Dress contest starting next month on Pattern Review I figure hey every girl needs a LBD right? Not that I ever have an excuse to wear one!

I'm in two minds. Make a cool LBD that could also double as a casual dress for summer, or really go all out for the elegant LBD that could sit unworn for a long time.

Butterick 6582 
is just divine! But how would it look on a plus size girl?
I'm not kidding myself, I know my curves aren't like hers!
The high neck is a slight worry too.
Butterick 4657
This would suit for the casual style LBD. 
I think it could work for a summer day, or an evening out.

Vogue 8355 
And what about this gorgeous dress suit/jacket by Vogue *swoons*

Vogue 1192 
is rather gorgeous too.

Butterick 5383 
is also really nice, I like the lines!

Thank goodness I've still got another month to decide before the contest starts. I really am not sure!


  1. I've been so focused on the wardrobe contest, I haven't even looked at what other contests are coming up. But I think after this one, I'll be done for a while. I want to do some non-contesty sewing!

    I love love LOVE that last dress pattern, though. Gorgeous! And I like Butterick 4657. The skirt on it is really pretty. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Love that last one and I think it would suit all "sizes"!! Love the low neck line on it which is great for peeps like me with the larger boobs!!!

  3. That last one really is quite pretty! I just found out it's a stretch though. Eekk. Don't know if I really want to do a stretch one, I can imagine it would hug where I don't want it too!

    The low neckline grabs me too though, due to my big boobs! lol

  4. This one is pretty cool too though - view C with the collar!

  5. Oh, I like the collar on that dress! It actually reminds me of a jacket I'm hoping to make this fall that has a similar collar.

    Although looking at it again, I think the collar is what makes that dress. It's kind of blah without it (in my opinion, that is).

  6. Great minds think alike! I've got that pattern, purchased it solely for the collar, it's so fabulous!
    And your right, the collar does make that dress..

  7. I'm sure you will love any one of these! My favorite is Vogue 1192 (I would prefer to have her figure as well!) Love your blog!