Friday, August 27, 2010

Imelda - eat your heart out!

Everyone in my family calls me Imelda.
Nooo, surely not! I only have what, 33 pairs now?

These are my fab ones I came across the other day, the green, while its pretty, is so henious for my wardrobe it just wouldn't do!
But the style is so gorgeous, wouldn't they look fabulous with my LBD?

Simple solution - lets craft baby!

I placed clear sticky tape all the way around the bottom, so the woodgrain wouldn't get any paint on it.

Then I stuffed the inside of the shoe with newspaper - I thought the green inside would look kind of funky.
A bit like a hidden lining I guess!
Then used double sided tape to stick newspaper onto the heel, then cut around it so that part would be green too.

Enter the spray paint!
a few simple sprays with Satin Black spray paint, and this was the result! Gorgeous eh?
It's still wet here, so looks a lot like patent leather. But it's dried to a nice satin finish.
It's still not finished yet, theres another few steps to come.
But will have to wait until tomorrow to finish them ;)

Above is a pic of them partially dried. Quite pretty really!!!
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  1. 33 pairs is pretty impressive, but a girl can never have enough shoes! And those will look fab with the LBD.

  2. Oh those are going to look awesome with the LBD, can't wait for pics! Love how the sole will still be green! Hope you have a great week xx

  3. Wow you really are a clever lil shit ;-)

    Just read right thru this blog and it makes me wanna learn to sew hard out <3