Monday, August 16, 2010

Decisions are made..

Well it took a bit of deciding and a lot of umming and arring!
Finally decided on a dress, and it just so happens I have the pattern already.
It's from a Burda World of Fashion magazine. For those kiwis who haven't discovered them yet, they really are rather cool! You have to trace the patterns from the magazine, but you get so many in each mag, it's worth it!
Although I did spend 2hours tracing my dress out this afternoon, and gouged my index finger with the tracing wheel. OUCH

So the dress is #138, from BWOF 12-2009.

I'm unsure about the sleeves, so I think I will merge a sleeveless armhole onto this and make it sleeveless. 
It has a lining, and I'm seriously considering going with something really quite different for the lining.
I do love the idea of having something funky hidden away, like in my jeans, I love the pocket linings to be something cool.
Maybe this from Fabric Online. Or I could go crosseyed with this!
So many choices! I'm looking forward to making a version of this dress from Calico, to check fitting issues. So I can get them worked out before the contest starts.


  1. Oh that is stunning snuzal, it's going to look so good! Can't wait to see it all made up! I loved that bridesmaid dress, I look at it in the wardrobe all the time, was made by a cool designer/seamstress with no pattern, just our measurements and her ideas! I've just finished making my first attempt at felt food, 2 carrots! They look cool, wish I was a kid again! It's DD's 2nd birthday next month, and we've got a wooden kitchen for her, so thought I would make some felt food, her and DS are going to love it!

  2. That dress was just so amazing. Classy but so funky! Great that you got to keep it too.
    I saw the felt food on your blog, the carrots look way cool. can't wait to see what other types you're going to make

    Think I'll go get some calico today, so I can start doing a test of the dress. Eekk. I'm so excited about it though, hopefully it turns out beautifully

  3. Love this dress!! Great choice!

  4. Oooo, good choice! I really like the details in the front, with the ruching or gathering and the bow (well, I like the bow in theory, not sure how it'd look on the actual dress.

    I actually like the sleeves, but then I'm not a fan of showing off my upper arm. But I DO LOVE that collar/cap thing! I think it's gorgeous! Will you try to incorporate that into the dress even after getting rid of the sleeves?

  5. Absolutely. The collar is what grabs me about the dress. I think it'll still work well with the dress without the sleeves. But I'll have a fiddle around with the toiles I make, and see what looks the best.
    I like the bow in theory too, but I don't think I'll add it. Seems to be an unusual feature on a large bust really? But that's just my opinion on it. lol