Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I quite seriously could've cried this morning.

I traced out the Burda #138 yesterday, and cut it out this morning. Just out of a plain black sheet, tehehehe!
And I did something a bit different, instead of pinning the pattern then cutting, I marked around it with tailors chalk! Man it made the process so much easier and less frustrating. I'll definitely do that again.

So here was the result of my test dress from a sheet. I didn't cut the collar, I just really wanted to work out any fitting issues. But now having seen it on without the collar, I'm not going to include it at all. I LOVE the shape of the neckline, and don't want to get rid of that.

I put it on, and wanted to cry, seriously. I felt absolutely beautiful in it!
The neckline shape is just so gorgeous.
It's a bit snug in the front between the waist and hips as you can tell, so I'll do a smaller seam line or something there.

But otherwise - WOW.
And this is straight out of the magazine too, no alterations anywhere. There's no bunching in the back curves, and the invisible zip went in ok, even being my first ever time!

It's not hemmed, anywhere. But as it's only a test out, I'm not worried. I'll line the entire thing in a really funky print. (If anyone knows where I can find a black satin with multi colored bright polka dots, I'd love to know!)


  1. Hey Snuzal, WOW! Looks stunning! Can't wait to see it with funky lining! Hope your week is going well!

  2. Holy MAN that's AMAZING! Snuzal you look fricken hot in that, and it's only a sheet! :D

    I will say I'm a little sad that you're not going to include the collar (just cuz the collar is pretty awesome). But I agree that it looks awesome as is, too. Man, I think I want to track this pattern down myself. :)

    The neckline frames your face beautifully. I don't think the bow would do this any justice what so ever.

    Okay, I'll stop gushing over this. Way to go on your awesome muslin! I can't wait to see your final product!

  3. Thanks gals!

    Heather, I do feel a bit disappointed about the collar, BUT I really do feel that the neckline is just so gorgeous that the bow will detract from the shape.

    It's from the Burda 12-2009, so should be easily available. It's plus size, I used the biggest size (gulp!!!). I wish places would all use the same size things. I fit size 18 patterns, and then size 28 patterns, it's such a mix and match!

    I am so pleased. Now just to find a lovely fabric, as well as the lining!

  4. You do look beautiful in it! Love it. :)

  5. That is one sexy dress! It looks fabulous and fits beautifully. Love it!

  6. LOVE the dress! I can't wait to see what fabric you choose for it!

  7. Thanks guys, ended up buying a medium to heavy black satin. It was only $32 for 4 metres, so fairly cheap really, it arrived this morning and I don't know quite what I think of it yet, I'll pre wash it and see how it feels after that.

    Still yet to decide on the lining, I want something COOL lol