Thursday, August 12, 2010

12 little feet, all in a row

Hi to those who've just discovered my blog! Love hearing from you.

The sewing room is coming along very slowly.
It wont be finished for another 6 weeks or so, I'd like to get someone to help me paint it if possible.
I've done a lot of organizing notions the past few days, and I even had another fabric cull, and folding session.
I do love looking at neat stacks of fabric. Just need to make a template big enough to fold dress fabrics since they are a lot wider than quilters fabrics.
Here is one of my favourite organizers.
I saw the most wonderful idea for Presser Foot Storage, and instantly I knew I wanted something similar.

A simple $7.99 craft box from The Warehouse (for those in NZ and AU), it has removable dividers so you make make the compartments how you'd like.
I then measured the inside of the lid, and how wide the compartments were, and made a table on Microsoft Office. (I have loaded this template for people to download. There's an instruction page on page 3 to guide you into making this for your size container. If you're having problems, my email is included)
Presser Foot Template Microsoft Word to download
In each box I wrote the name of the presser foot, the letter that it corresponds to, and the page of the book that gives instructions on how to use that particular foot.

Then I decided the top needed something cool too. So I added a picture of my machine, and some text.
Printed it out(one side at a time, I had to flip in the middle), and TA DA!
So much better than the wee vinyl bag they came in. I never knew which was which!

This container would be cool for buttons as well, as they are quite deep, so can hold a lot. (Ask me how I know ;o) hehe)

I've got a Burda pair of pants (7567 off the top of my head) cut out and ready to go. It's 1114pm here, and I can hear the wind raging outside, so tomorrow might be a great day to get onto these pants! Just plain black, and they are dress pants. I figure I needed something a bit dressier than just my jeans for certain occassions.

Once again, thanks to those who follow me, and leave comments. I really love hearing from you all!
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  1. Great minds think alike! Of fools never differ. Whatever. 8-) I used the exact same kind of box and made labels with one of my favorite toys, my P-touch label maker and put them on the back of each compartment. I change my feet a lot more than I used to, because I can find them, and I know what they are for.

  2. It's such a fantastic way to organise them I find. as you said, I'll be using them a lot more because they are easy to find and know what they are used for.
    The little vinyl bag they came in was good, but really, they were so jumbled you'd never know which was which!

  3. Hey Snuzal! Very much Miss organised, yay! Bet you are feeling good about it! I need to get my bum into gear and get the whole house organised ready to market, eek! Where do you get your machine needles from? I need some for my machine, and told Mum we would go halves. Right, off to have a nosy on the TMMB then get started on some housework, such lousy weather today. Have a good weekend :-)

  4. Hi Stef! Ha this is about the organised I've ever been! LOL.

    The machine needles I bought from Zipper Stop on Ebay (They also have a website). I bought 100 "Organ" needles, for $34nzd (including shipping). Organ are my favourite brand of needles, I'm not sure if you can buy them in NZ, but even the Klasse and Bernina etc all are around $7+ for 5 needles, so it was a wonderful price for 100 needles, and they got here in just a few days.

    Here is the link to Zipperstop on Ebay.

    weather has unfortunately turned lousy here too. I just went and bought some black thread, and also some gorgeous fabric, so I can work on my pants and make something else as well ;o)

  5. Shoot, you'll have to remove the "weather" from the end of the link, it wont seem to do it for me, sorry! Will try again

  6. Thanks Snuzal, you're awesome! Will get onto ordering some shortly! Weather here is terrible! Flood warnings, great! Right off to organise dinner and get the kids into bed!

  7. No worries mate! I've just seen there is a comp running for a LBD on PatternReview next month, I'm considering doing something similar to that bridesmaid dress you wore earlier this year.
    Have a fab night. Turned cold here, and lots of moisture in the air. Hanging out for bed here this evening.

  8. I was cleaning off/out my sewing table when i came across my presser feet collection and realized something needed to be done - thanks for the template, it's a big help!