Friday, August 20, 2010

Lining choices

I've found the coolest choices for fabric for lining...
But how am I going to decide - both are fabulous!
Blue and Black Satin Or Rainbow Polka Dots

I just want something fun and funky! 


  1. I like both, but for comfort and ease of putting on the dress, I would choose the blue and black satin. Really the best would be the rainbow polka dots in the same fabric as the blue and black satin, but we seldom get exactly what we want. Another life lesson (sigh) 8-).

  2. While I love the rainbow polka dots, Elle C has a point. The satin would probably be more comfortable and line the dress much better than the cotton. Or so I think, anyways. I guess it depends on what you choose for an outer fabric. But the blue polka dots are fun too! At least it's not a plain ol' boring fabric.

  3. Haha you are all so right, the rainbow polka dots are my favourite. But that is the only reason why I'm hesitating, it's cotton and not satin.

    The dress itself is a heavier satin.

    I wish I could find the rainbow polkadots in satin lol