Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pattern Drafting - my epic fail and the revisit!

I apologise in advance for the terrible out of focus pics. The camera was not willing to focus today at all. Might have something to do with the wee drop it suffered? (might?? who am I kidding LOL)

The one in the calico is the first version. Crikey. See why I was so utterly disappointed? lol

The next one, is todays version. There are a few wee changes needed here and there (the back neckline is too high, the back of the bodice needs to coem down about an inch. So if the inch went off the neckline, and to the waistline, it'd be perfect.
Finally, the bust points are in the right place. I think this is the part I am happiest about. There is still some gaping that could be eliminated in the armholes(but I do know you need some gaping in the armhole for ease of movement when sleeves are attached), and some slight gaping in the front neckline. But overall, I am 100000000 times happier.

And Fat. boy oh boy. After seeing my pic in my skirt a couple of weeks ago, I almost died. You know how you see yourself, but don't "see" yourself? That was me. Can't believe I let it get this bad. But I have joined which is great. I started last monday, so here's hoping there will be a loss! I have just over 37kg to loose. *gulp* but baby steps, is the key.

Enough about that. I'm off to sew some knickers from the fabric I bought earlier this week, and also make a plastic bag holder for a friend! So here are the photos.

 See my bust points? Errr. Wrong!

 Dear, oh dear!

Not a bad fit really!

The whole back needs to be lowered quite a bit.

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