Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pattern Drafting - week 2

Right, so week two of pattern drafting has been and gone. I've just got home and had some tea (10pm argh) and now it's my wind down time. I hate night courses, I'm so past my bed time.

We all tried our skirts on. The only thing I need to do is alter my dart placement, and take about 1/2 the SA off, so it's a bit looser. Otherwise it's not too bad. I'm rather happy with that.
Then we got to tonights drafting - the bodice. Cue a happy Emma moment!

I was so excited. Got everything going well, and then I hit the shoulders. Cue Emma so utterly confused moment. It really started to get me so confused, add X here "but I've already added X there so do I need to add more to X" ARGH! LOL.  In the end, I think I got it, but I guess the real test, will be when I put it on. But we all had a wee bit of trouble with the same thing, so I didn't feel totally out in the cold.

We only had enough time to draft the back, so have been given notes to draft the front. How is that for scary! I hopefully will understand it more having the notes and images in front of me, and not havign others saying their measurements out loud while I'm trying to think of mine. I can't wait though, and then will hopefully get it made in time for next weeks class - the sleeves!

My french curve hasn't arrived yet - hopefully it's not too far away, because I could really use it.
I bought one from www.sewessentials.co.uk for a great price.

Biggest lesson learnt this week? 
Pens don't erase when you make a serious screw up!

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