Monday, June 13, 2011

A fabulous invention!

How great is this wee tool!

It snaps (magnetically) onto the side of your scissor blades, so you can cut however far aside from your pattern for a SA! No need to painstakingly go around and mark the SA.
Great for Burda patterns, and SELF DRAFTED! I neeeeed these!
Only $15AUD ($20NZD, $15.80USD)
Fantastic idea.


  1. That is pretty cool! I've just gotten my first Burda mag, and I dread trying to remember seam allowances when I get around to sewing from it.

    But you know, this wouldn't be that hard to make, really. Glue a magnet to a small dowel of wood, mark distances on it, and voila! although it wouldn't have that handy little wheel on it. :)

  2. You know Heather, this is why you've finished your degree.. You're smart!!!!! LOL. Guess what today's job will be. I've got neodymium magnets from doll making, so will use those!
    Stef, want one too? lol