Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pattern drafting - week 3 - bodice block AGAIN.

Well last night was week 3. We all had to put on our bodice blocks.
It became fairly apparent, that our measuring SUCKED. We think it was because we are all amatures at this drafting thing, that we weren't exactly sure where to measure. Sure we had a diagram, but with none of us ever having measured anyone else before, we really weren't sure. So we unanimously agreed that our tutor should measure us, and she did. Some of our measurements were wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out!
We all felt very happy that we were measured correctly, by someone who knew what they were doing.
I think this is all part of learning and personally feel very happy that it happened how it did.
We then redrew our blocks, this time starting with the front, as we all seemed to get very stuck on the front (maybe because we did the back first last week, and attempted the front ourselves?) Mine looks rather good, but the test will be when it's made up in calico or similar this weekend.

And while everyone was getting measured (we all stayed for the first couple)we started to loose people out to the fabric part of the store. LOL. It was so much fun all of us wandering around looking at fabrics, some times they choose something that you'd never normally look at.
So today, I bought enough fabric to make a few pairs of knickers. It's beautiful fabric and as the store owners are due to have a baby over the next few weeks, they've started a sale, that is running until baby is born! Great idea.

This weeks lesson?
Measure twice - cut once


  1. Loling at your lesson for the week! :D

  2. Once I get photos of the before bodice, you'll fully understand why getting the correct measurements is so important. it's hilarious when I put it on. lol