Thursday, June 9, 2011

My skirt block.

So here are some basic pics so far, I haven't got around to cutting out the pattern pieces yet as you can see, but it's interesting to see it like this, as you can see it's all been drawn as one, and it all started from a rectangle.

The pictures aren't that good, the pen color vs paper color isn't crash hot for photographing. The Back is on the left, front on the right.
You can also see the back curves down slightly at the CB, to accomodate the lift of the skirt from the bum. I've overexposed one of the pics so you can see this shape in full.

I'm really looking forward to cutting this out and getting it made up in calico.


 Full view of back.

 Front and back side by side

Close up of back

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  1. Hi, congrats on taking the class. I did one a year ago and it was the best thing I have ever done! Re the zip, put it in the center back seam - much easier because there is no curve on that seam, and it will not distort your pattern for the fitting. Honestly you will look at burda patterns and do an evil laugh as the suddenly become so simple. X RoseK