Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pattern Drafting - week 2 - My Block

Right, so I finished drafting my block this morning for front and back bodice. It doesn't look too bad on paper.

 Here you can see what I mean about using pencils only ;)


Back curve and front curve before I cut the pattern out.

So, once this was all cut out, I got it sewn up in calico (muslin)
Put an invisible zip in the CB seam, beautiful first time round *takes a bow*. 
Got everything all stitched together, put it on and oh dear!
The pics will come when the light is a bit better, another dreary rainy day but lets see if I can remember what was wrong with it. 
The bust points were too high, and too close to my CF.
The armholes gaped like crazy. 
The neckline was all gapey. 
I didn't even look at the location of the back darts, I was too disheartened.
Would make a cool bodice for a dress though when it fits right. It's just a block, but I'd like a nice dress like that.

So to end on a high note - 
How do you catch a unique bird??
*scroll down*

You-neek up on it..
courtesy of my mother - I couldn't come up with something that lame!!!

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  1. Aw, don't get disheartened! You'll get it worked out. That's the point of this class, right? By the end of it, you'll have this spectacular set of block patterns, and will be churning out so many unique and well fitted garments, we'll all be jealous! :D Actually, between you Tanit-Isis, and Steph (from 3 hours past the edge of the world), I'm getting really curious about making up my own set of block patterns. :) Might have to look into a similar type of class this fall or something.

    I'm enjoying your posts on this, by the way. :D