Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pattern drafting - week 3 - doing my head in!

Having a very disheartened day today. After putting on my bodice block tuesday evening at class, we sorted out the couple of adjustments that needed to be done. That's fine, I understand what needs to be done and where.
But it's HOW I get those adjustments to be finished. things like lowering the neck line and adding the dart in, I fully understand and it makes full sense. But I have to add approx 10cm to my back waist length.

Now excuse the language, but WTH! I redrafted the pattern fully on thursday afternoon, no such luck, it came out identical. What on earth am I doing wrong? Or misinterpreting.
How the hell do I add 10cm to the back block, it's going to be sloped here there and everywhere. And if it's drafted originally to my back waist length, then why the hell doesn't it fit!!!!!!!!!

I'm truthfully over this bodice block. This is the 3rd week we've all been on it, and it's starting to get very old, very quick.

Next week is pants, btu I honestly see us all having to relook again at the bodice judging by what I spoke to another woman on the class about yesterday.
I wish we could all get one to one help for this bit.
I also feel for the one woman on the class who's bodice was fine first pop. She's had to suffer through the whole thing with us, it's not really fair on her.

So bitching whinging Emma is out in full force today!
I'm just so disheartened by it all. Can't work out what I'm doing wrong! Nightmare!


  1. Welcome to the world of pattern drafting. :) It's far harder than it looks, isn't it? I believe everyone goes through this frustrating stage, more than once. It's a steep learning curve. Hang in there. It does get easier but it is a frustrating, and at times a discouraging road to travel.

  2. Thank you :) I really do appreciate your help over the way. Truthfully, I actually thought it would be more complicated than what it is lol. The fitting issues take work, but well that happens with most patterns now anyway!

    Any recommendations for good books?
    I really am loving it, I just have to work out how to get over these hurdles.