Monday, November 19, 2012

The dress for the dinner.

Here's the dress, I cropped my colleagues out of the photo, just because I don't have permission to post them as well.

It turned out really gorgeous and comfortable. I'll be wearing it to a friends wedding in December too.

And the best part is, we came SECOND, in the category we were entered in, which was customer service! We were so absolutely thrilled! First was the only 5 star hotel in our region, so we are all really proud.


  1. Congratulations! And the dress looks fabulous. Well done!!

  2. Red shoes are great accessory.


  3. Fantastic! I love how your dress turned out. The asymmetrical neckline is a nice touch (so are the red shoes!). Sleeves look really good too, nice fix. :)

  4. thanks girls! really am happy with the dress. It's rather gorgeous on, and i felt so pretty!