Friday, February 24, 2012

Full toile #1

So this is my first toile, of a burda, butterick and vogue franken pattern.

For a frankenpattern, I am absolutely amazed at how well it all went together. I just had to add a smidgen onto the skirt back, to make it match with the bodice back, otherwise it's straight from the envelopes.

With a petticoat/crinoline underneath, it'll poof out the front a bit.

I've got the bulldog clips for where I need to take out some bulk fabric.
I'll be getting rid of the slight bunching/pouch at the bottom pleat.
For a first go, I'm thrilled to bits!


  1. Oh wow! I really like how the back of the skirt drapes. It's lovely. The front from the side view looks a little strange, with the skirt tucking in towards you legs, but like you said, maybe a crinoline will help with that. Maybe that last drape is pulling down too much?

    The shape of the dress looks lovely on you. And if you don't mind me saying this, the ruching at the front does really wonderful things for you chest! :D Are you going to do anything for sleeves, or keep it sleeveless? I like the thicker shoulder straps you have going on here.

  2. Hey there! Was thinking of you the other day, and thought I'd swing by to see if I'd missed any posts. I hope you're doing well! It's been a while since we heard from you, and I'm curious how the dress is coming along, and even more so, how you're doing. :) Give us an update, if you're able and willing.

    I'm considering attempting pants this winter (your summer), and I have to admit, you're jeans inspire me so much.