Thursday, November 1, 2012

A bit of sewing to be done

The store I work in on the weekend, is in a local competition for its customer service (obviously can't say much else about it) but we are going to a gala dinner, and need a formal dress.

I've got some stunning fabric

and am using a Lekala pattern, for the first time.
Did you know that you send your measurements when you buy the pattern and they email the pattern through as a PDF to your measurements. And also, only around $3NZD ($2.50ish USD)

I've cut the fabric out now, and have sewn the back princess seams together, but am waiting for the guide sheet to be sent to me as the pattern itself doesn't give much indication on which way things like pleats go etc.
And how to do the neckline.
I'm hoping it turns out well! 

Update. So far so good. I've pinned everything together now, figured the pleats. It looks stunning on. Can't wait to finish it!!


  1. Ooo a gala dress! What lovely fabric too. I can't wait to see the finished results!

    Nice to see you back on your blog. :)

  2. Cool! I think you can download the guide sheet directly from the site, usually - it's on one of the little tools under the pattern pic on their site. One thing I did notice with the one pattern I've got, is that the mini-me they sent looks just like me except for having very wide, square shoulders. So I'd recommend taking a few measurements across this area before you start, just o be sure. Fab dress - can't wait to see it! And best wishes with the competition!

  3. Actaully to see the guide sheet you need to be on the website :
    Try that link - not sure if it will tale you right there but it will be a start

  4. Hmm, my pattern instructions were ok but I take it back - the translation for your one is pretty dodgy! Hope the ones they send you are better!

  5. hmm ill have a look thanks. i think ive sort of winged it. just had my hand op done sso itll be a couple of days before i can do anythung yet