Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Toile #2 - not too shabby

Toile #1 was an epic fail. I did it straight to size 22 on the pattern, it didn't fit very well at all, too short over my boobs, too narrow across the back, and the V neckline at the back was very low on me.
It wasn't even photo safe!

Toile #2, I did a Broad back adjustment as per Sandra Betzinas instructions in her Fast Fit book. Then I also did a Full Bust Adjustment, once again referring to her brilliant book. I added 5cm I think it was to the height of the back "V", 1cm to the side front side seam equalling 2cm overall.
It's an awful lot better!

The front neckline is too low for my taste, I'll take it up and in a bit. There is once again my usual "princess gaposis" going on, but that's a quick easy fix which I am now well used to!
But the big problem is, the shoulders, they keep slipping off. I'm wondering if it's due to the length between bust point and shoulder seam is too short? Or maybe it's because of how wide the V is in the front.

The back actually fits, and does up now, so mcuh so I can take out about 3cm on each side of the CB, which is good and easy - I have to adjust the back V again, I'm not happy with it still. May be a case of getting someone who's the same size as me to throw it on and I draw the V.

Any suggestions on how to fix the slipping shoulders would be great. The more I look at it, the more I think I don't want to do any major design changes, I love it!


  1. Firstly congrats! As for your dress, any dress that has a low V-neck on both the back and front will slip off your shoulders, even more so if you have sloping shoulders. It's just the way it is, not a fit issue as such. Usually you have a low back and high front, or vice versa for this reason.

    If you want to keep the V-neck in both the back and front you will need to add some sort of lingerie keepers inside the dress to anchor the dress to your bra straps. Not hard to do.

    Of course there still could be fit issues with the dress but know that even with a perfectly fitted dress it may still fall off your shoulders. HTH

  2. Thank you! That makes total sense, I'm going to change hte front V to not be so revealing anyway, so that'll be my next test. I'm finding this so enjoyable.
    I'll be wearing a nice moulded bra and an underbust shaper slip which shall arrive in the next week or so (yay for ebay!) so I might put in some lingerie holders too