Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A dress almost finished

I did a few wee bits on my dress yesterday. very slowly, getting movement back into my hand, so I'm doing bits and pieces as I can.

All that's left to do now is tack the facing down, hem the bottom and the underarms, as well as the back vent.
I'm not happy with the sleeves though so I am going to slash and spread the sleeve to give me more room for my fat arms lol.

I think the sides may need taking in a wee bit more too.

 See my wee helper? lol

Definitely need more room in the arms, and I may yet wear a jacket or such too as Im not comfortable with my fat arms


  1. Could you lengthen the sleeves a bit? Maybe not as sleek, but worth it if it'll make you more comfortable in the dress without covering it up.

    I think the dress looks lovely! I like the gathers, and the print looks really good. :D

  2. they are definitely too tight though, I can barely squeeze my arms in. lol. I love the dress though.