Friday, October 29, 2010

Sewing related - but totally not!

So we all know those of us with small sewing spaces will spread out everywhere.. (surely it can't be just me lol)
And often will have to clear off the dining table, set up a heavy trestle table, or the worst of all lay our fabric out on the floor, when we go to cut out our patterns. I find it so difficult and painful, so usually get someone to help me lift a trestle table up, but it's never quite high enough.

I've seen those wonderful leafed Horn sewing cabinets, but almost $1000 here to buy one. Never in my life.

So the next best thing - Ana White (previously Knock Off Wood) has created a woodworking pattern and instructions for making a drop leaf table!

She has made it 30" high. Which just isn't quite hgih enough to use for a cutting table in my opinion, so I will be making mine at 37" high. (instead of cutting it 26 3/4", I'll be cutting it at 31" to accommodate my new height, the thickness of the MDF and the height of the wheels)

Isn't it just fabulous!
I'm debating on including the middle shelf divider. No machines will be stored in there, so what I'm thinking is not including the shelf but putting a small draw in there instead at some stage in the future.


  1. That's absolutely sewing related! ;) You have to be comfortable cutting out patterns and fabric and need something at a suitable height for yourself. Great that someone has made instructions for DIY.

  2. Hey Miss E :) Got the board :) I couldn't remember what it looked like..just remember seing you with it tucked under ya arm, but the lady assures me that it's the only one they have had in stock since forever - so it is the one you saw :) What ya email addy my friend? I can post it out to you on Tuesday :)

  3. thanks chick.. my name over the way at :o) luffs you forever

  4. ya name 'snuzal' right? let me know if ya didn't get the email I just sent ya lol.