Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cowls are IN!

Cowl neck seems to be so in this season, and are everywhere I look. So of course I had to have one similar to the one in my post below..
With the use of Burda 7519 - I sort of fiddled here and there to get what I wanted. I'll also be using the free Cowl neck with lower band made by Hot Patterns available from to make another at some stage.
I gathered the shoulders, and also the lower side seams to give it that slightly gathered look, and I love it, plus get loads of compliments on it.
I added 2" onto the center front, as I was worried it would be too tight - but now the cowl is huge and if I wear it without a top underneath, I'm more than flaunting it!

The fabric would have to be my favourite. It took me a long time (MONTHS) to figure out what it said. It wasn't until I draped it on myself in front of the mirror one day that I figured it out. Here is a photo of me standing in the mirror.

I bought it while on my Auckland trip, from Arthur Toyes - if anyone sees any more there, I'd love a metre or 2 to make some togs!!!!

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  1. Great fabric and the top looks good too!

  2. nawwwwwww the last photo you look super cute!

  3. It turned out great! Love the last pic :)

  4. Hi Emma, great top, its looks fabulous on you. Well done!

    There is a listing on TM I thought you might be interested in (I've lost your email addy).
    These books are excellent and usually sell for much more than that. I bought two off her earlier today, one is for a friend, and I think it will make a very handy addition to my sewing library.
    I suspect the only reason this hasnt already been snapped up is she isnt using the proper title or listing the author.
    There is a newer addition available, but from what I understand there is very little difference between this edition and the newer one.
    I think the seller is a sewing teacher. She seems to be relisting them each time one sells, but I have no idea how many she has.


  5. Ohhh. Thanks Vicki!!!!! I'll go check that out. Haven;t seen them before, so will be interesting, will do a bit of googling. I've had my Readers Digest Bible(aka complete guide to sewing) out a few times today.. It's such a wonderful book. I managed to get the latest edition, it's never far from my reach lol.
    Good to see you're still around :)