Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3/4 jeans - talk about happy!

I am so in love with these. Can't wait to make another pair or 3. LOL.
Only thing is that wee pull on the zipper cover - if anyone can tell me how to remedy that happening, I'd be very grateful!!!

Originally I was going to cut the jeans to have a a 68cm length from lower waistband, but accidentally cut them 65cm, you should've heard the language when I realised! But actually I'm pleased now, and will use that 65cm length again, it's a good length on me. I'd just been sitting down so you can see the slight creases in the mid hip region.

 Man I have a funny shaped bum! LOL.
I was hitching them up a bit while the photo snapped. woops.


  1. They look gorgeous! Can't wait to see the next 3 pairs lol!

  2. Spank me!!! I'll get ya board tomorrow - PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE!!


  3. LOL My god girl, there's no hurry. Seriously...

  4. Thanks Debbie, the fabric really drew me in.. It's a lovely weight cross hatch denim, so it's not too heavy, but not so thin you could spit through.
    I love the color of it too, kind of a charcoal compared to a black, or a blue. It's great

  5. Hello - I came here through your link on the THREADS site. Oh I'm so sorry, but this so just not the right pattern for you... the wrinkles you speak of across the hip/leg area are there just because of the snugness.

    The larger problem is the rest of the 'wrinkles' - they always say that that type points right to the problem areas and it's true in this case. Clothes, like pants, should hang from the waistband, not matter how much or little body ease you like in your clothing.

    The pants are hanging up at many different points because they don't fit your body shape.

    From the front, there shouldn't be that drape/wrinkle running from your knees along the outside toward the outer seam: it's almost as if there is some biasing in the fabric there.

    From the back, the crotch area is pulling in because the crotch seam has the wrong curve line to fit your body. It's pulling the entire garment up out-of-shape and I suspect partially pulling the bottom front edges along with them.

    Your comment about hitching them up reinforces these points: I can see that there's still more material bunched up under your buttocks (pardon my familiarity with your anatomy!!) yet it has pulled in too tightly into the center crotch-point—not long enough or deep enough curve cut.

    You do need to find someone who can help you properly fit your crotch-line - front and back halves - and these will be truly Dream Jeans!

  6. Can´t agree more with rkr4cds, the fit of this model needs some twitching and your bum won´t look as it does here. You don´t have a funny shaped bum it is just the fit that makes it look like that. I love your blog!

  7. Thanks rkr4cds.. By the end of the day they are hanging off me absolutely everywhere though, so are they not supposed to be tighter first thing when you put them, or the whole thing would be falling off by the end of the day?

    For me, the main thing is, I love them and personally, I think that's all that matters.

  8. I would like to recommend a book to you. It is
    "Making Trousers for Men and Women" by David Page Coffin. It is fabulous. My pants fit be perfectly on the first try. Takes some time but
    the result will be worth the effort. Good luck on your continued sewing projects. By the way your
    actual construction look great!

  9. Hi snuzal, rkr4cds here -

    I've been out-of-touch for 2 months and haven't seen your reply.
    Thx for taking my 'critique' with such good graces!

    >>>>>>...they are hanging off me absolutely everywhere though, so are they not supposed to be tighter first thing when you put them, or the whole thing would be falling off by the end of the day?<<<<<

    Actually, no matter what type of pants they are, even tight-fitting jeans, they should still 'hang' from the waistband.

    That way, even late in the day (or the next and the one after that—because we sometimes wear our jeans for a day or more between washings) they will still fit and not fall off, because they're hanging from the correct place—your waistline. David Coffin would agree; he's a brilliant technician!

    But I'm not familiar with this pattern so I don't know if it has a complete encircling waistband.