Monday, October 18, 2010

Voting is open!

Woohooo - Voting on the LBD contest is open. There are such wonderful entries, I'm sure people are having a hard time to pick just the one! Mosey on over and don't forget to vote if you are a PR member :)

I picked up the overlocker the other day, it's fab! Haven't had a good chance to use it yet though. I'm getting shocking headaches if I do much sewing, or anything that requires any focus - even peeling potatoes, good excuse to get off dinner duty - except there's only me! lol
Will be off to the doctor this morning, am wondering if it is possibly my eyes, but just want to get it totally checked as they have been constant since I got my migraine.. Will see how that goes and hope that I can soon get cracking on the machine! I managed to get some 3/4 jeans cut Saturday, and the pockets attached yesterday, at this rate I should be done by summer ;o)


  1. Gorgeous Em, just voted for you!
    Hope you get sorted out at the Dr today, I used to get terrible migraines, but they seem to have disappeared! Thank goodness.
    Can't wait to see the 3/4's, Summer's not too far away ;-)
    Have a good week xx

  2. Thanks Stef :) I would love to know what has caused these migraines. I've never had them before, so to have it come on so suddenly, and then get what my dr diagnosed as cluster migraines, it's a bit of a surprise really. hopefully with the treatment plan, it'll sort it.
    3/4s are looking fab so far. Just have to do the waistband and hem them. Tomorrow HAS to be a photo day, I've made a few things and I just haven't got photos, such a slack one I am. Bring on summer - although what is with this weather at the moment? It's just starting to rain, and was cold and windy today!

    Oh the above post was not a plug for votes either :o) I expect everyone to vote for who they feel deserves it..

  3. Well after consideration- the dresses are all great- I voted for yours as you did many things for the first time and made a dress that flatters you, from a challenging fabric. I admire anyone who can try so many new techniques and end up with a fabulous dress for their efforts!