Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A new me..

Well after all the headaches I had, I thought I'd get my eyes checked.
Turns out I do need glasses - for long distance. Just a small prescription now, but apparently my eyes will get to be progressively worse due to my Fibromyalgia over the years.

The glasses arrived today - wow it's like HD tv. I put them on and everything is so much clearer, and sharper.
Excuse the slobby photos, I have just been bumming around home, and didn't even bother washing my hair today.


  1. Very nice frames. I've worn glasses for years and have about 8 different frames. I have to coordinate them with my outfits...don't I?? I also wear contacts. Of late I need them at my computer and while watching television too. I don't have any prescription sunglasses but after seeing yours I may need to invest in some.

  2. Since my mother is Cambodia, I'm going to get her to get me a few pairs of cheap framed ones(knock offs LOL) but with my prescription in, as you said, have to co-ordinate ;o)

    The prescription sunnies were a must for me, I live in my sunglasses as is all year round, because my eyes are bit sensitive to the light, and also to protect them from NZ's harsh sun!
    I was lucky enough to get a 2 for 1 deal, so got the prescription glasses, and then got a free pair of sunnies, which was a bargain!

  3. Very cool frames, they suit you. And very good idea to get some cheap ones overseas; frames can cost a bomb otherwise can't they, particularly the designer styles.